Cyber Security Updates

Cyber Security Updates

The Importance of Ongoing Cybersecurity Training

As most of us are aware, and especially in the tech industry, cybersecurity is a critical concern for businesses of all ...

A smiling bot with a speech bubble that says "Chatbots & Human Error"
Cyber Security Updates

Chatbots and Human Error

Businesses face a range of challenges related to data security.  The threats are ever-changing and evolving to offset ou...

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Cyber Security Updates

What is CIRCA?

The Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act (CIRCA) is a mandate that requires companies to report any ...

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Cyber Security Updates

The Importance of Ongoing Engagement & Marketing

As a managed service provider (MSP), your clients rely on you to keep their systems secure and running smoothly. However...

A banner with the text "Secrets for Sale - Mental Health Data on the Dark Web"
Cyber Security Updates

Mental Health Data for Sale

Mental health is for many reasons, a deeply personal and sensitive topic. It is something that many people are not comfo...

Cyber Security Updates

Beware of Romance Scams

‘Tis the season for love. And with it comes the opportunity for cybercriminals to pitch their romance scams. Millions of...

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Cyber Security Updates

Why Training Your Employees in Cybersecurity is Vital

As a business owner, you know that cybersecurity is more important than ever. It is essential to have your employees tra...

Cyber Security Updates

Data Privacy Week

This week marked the annual Data Privacy Week. And we know that cybersecurity is critical when it comes to protecting da...

"Phishing: Targeted Attacks," by your managed services provider in Myrtle Beach
Cyber Security Updates

Phishing: Targeted Attacks
Myrtle Beach Cybersecurity Best Practices

The threat of phishing remains prevalent in all aspects of digital life. Both personal and professional. But a recent de...

Cyber Security Updates

Human Error

Major Impact Earlier this week the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a nationwide ground stop of all fligh...