Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Smart Shopper: Black Friday Scams

‘Tis the Season The unofficial official shopping season starts this week, and if there is a sale, there might be a scam ...

Cyber Security

Healthcare Clients

When it comes to needing a strong cybersecurity program, don’t overlook the opportunity that the healthcare industry pre...

Cyber Security

Social Media Reminders

Sloppy social media habits can lead to a compromise that extends beyond an individual’s personal account. Many people d...

Cyber Security

Mobile Phone Spyware

Can your mobile phone be infected with malware? It sure can. You’re holding a small computer in your hand, and it can ...

Cyber Security

What is Deepfake

A deepfake is a portmanteau (more on that in a moment) of “deep learning” and “fake”. What is a portmanteau? It is whe...

Cyber Security

Breach Secure Now & Gradient MSP

Breach Secure Now is a partner-focused business. We work for the MSP community to provide them with the most comprehens...

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: See Yourself in Cyber

This month we celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The year’s campaign theme of “See Yourself in Cyber” fo...

MSP the Expert Banner - Featuring a group of office workers smiling at the camera
Cyber Security

MSP the Expert

Small businesses often make the mistake that they have to be cybersecurity experts to have strong security programs in p...

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Cyber Security

Social Engineering In Action

Is social engineering that effective? Ask an Uber or Rockstar Games employee that question and you’ll likely hear a reso...

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Cyber Security

What Is a Botnet?

You may hear the word ‘bot’ used in conversations, especially around cybersecurity.  But often we use it without re...