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Cyber Security

When the Threat Is Inside the Building

Insider Threat A recent discovery of a breach of customer data at Fifth Third Bank uncovered a troubling truth. It ...

Cyber Security

Equifax Breach Update

Made in China The 2017 Equifax breach brought individuals and one of the largest credit agencies to their knees.  A...

Cyber Security

Learn to Audit Your Website – On-Demand

How to Get Found  We know that running a business is more than ensuring that you have the right products to resell....

Cyber Security

Double Rewards – The Rise in Ransom Payments

The rate at which data breaches are occurring is on the rise, this we know.  But another corresponding rate on the ...

Cyber Security

Windows 7 End of Life – the Beginning for New Scams

End of Windows 7 They say when one door closes another one opens, but in this case, it’s a window.  On Januar...

Cyber Security

I Fell for a Phishing Scam

I just fell for a phishing email. Yep, the guy who builds services to protect clients from phishing emails was tricked b...

Cyber Security

2019 Breach Secure Now Blogs You May Have Missed

The team here at Breach Secure Now curated a lot of content in 2019 that we hope you found informative and thought-provo...

Cyber Security

Evil Twin Wi-Fi

Evil Twin You’re out and about for any number of reasons.  Traveling for work.  Killing time while waiti...

Cyber Security

Overnight Experts Wanted

It isn’t breaking news that there is a steady – and alarming – rise in cybersecurity breaches and over...

Cyber Security

A Quick Glance Back – the Year in Cybersecurity

Nothing Random in this Ransom The end of the year always gives one reason to reflect back and review the past 12 months ...