Imagine coming into work on a Monday morning and seeing that your computer has a ransom note on the screen. You are unable to click on anything that allows you to work, and all your files have been locked and the hackers are demanding hundreds or thousands of dollars from you in the form of bitcoin before you can get them back.

We utilize the best possible tools available and follow a 3-2-1 approach by backing up your files locally, as well as in the cloud. Not only do we back them up to these 2 locations, but we keep 30-60 days of backups for every single file we manage.

We also keep spare equipment on hand for our managed clients to where we can virtually get you back up and running within hours instead of days or weeks while we fix whatever the issue is. Whether it’s failing hardware, or a ransomware attack from hackers, we provide the enterprise data recovery & backup services you need.

Need to be back up and going from a disaster in seconds or minutes rather than hours? We have a system we can provide that can do just that as well. From server backups to internal and external hard drive recovery and backups, we’ll create a custom solution you can count on.

Is Your Business Prepared for Data Disasters?

Give your business the protection it deserves with our reliable data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Our team of experts will ensure your critical data is safe and quickly recoverable in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Contact us today to safeguard your business’s continuity and put your data loss worries to rest.

  • Control IT Costs

    You can scale your IT Costs according to your requirements and only pay for what you need. Whether that be increasing or decreasing staff, or IT project work.

  • Trusted IT advisor

    Through regular account management meetings your Managed IT service company will be able to oversee your overall IT roadmap and become your trusted advisor.

  • Increased efficiency

    You’ll have your IT needs outsourced to a team of IT experts, and during times where you need additional project support, your managed IT provider supplies the extra staff.

  • Economy of scale

    As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow. When you use managed IT services you can scale your business with nothing more than a simple discussion.


Why is Having a Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan Essential?

Data loss can be catastrophic for businesses, especially if it contains crucial information such as financial records, customer data, or intellectual property. Losing this data can lead to legal issues, loss of revenue, damage to reputation, and even the shutdown of the business.

This is where data backup services come in. By regularly backing up data to an offsite location, businesses can ensure that their data is safe and easily recoverable in the event of a hard drive failure or other disaster that results in data loss.

It’s crucial to have backups in place before a hard drive failure because once it happens, there’s a chance it may be too late to recover the lost data, depending on the severity of the failure. Even when hard drive data recovery is possible, data recovery services are usually an expensive option vs restoring from a backup.

What Types of Data Storage Devices Should be Backed Up?

The short answer is: all of them.

When it comes to data storage, redundancy is never a bad thing. The last thing you want is to worry about losing data on your hard drives and having to deal with expensive hard drive recovery services that may not even be able to recover everything (even with advanced tools and techniques, recovery rates can be around 90% or less depending on the situation).

If you store data on any of the following, you need to ensure you have a reliable data backup in place sooner than later:

  • Internal Hard Drives (SSD drives, SATA drives, SCSI drives, IDE drives, SAS drives, etc.)
  • External Drives (flash drives, solid state drives, etc.)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS devices)

Even if you utilize a Storage Area Network through a SAN server, your SAN devices are at risk of failure and should be backed up regularly.

Do I Need Backups if My Business Uses RAID Storage?

While RAID can make your data storage more reliable (with the exception of RAID 0), it is not a substitute for backups. Instead, RAID can be combined with data backup to better protect your company data.

While RAID can help in the event of a disk failure, there are other ways you can lose access to your data where RAID will not help. For example:

  • Accidental Deletion – If a user accidentally deletes files, RAID won’t be able to assist with restoring the data.
  • Ransomware – If your organization is hit with a ransomware attack, your files will be affected across the RAID array.
  • External Forces – If your storage system is impacted by external forces (vandalism, floods, tornadoes, or other disasters), the entire setup may be destroyed.
  • Theft – If your RAID storage is stolen, the redundancy provided by RAID will not help get your data back.

RAID will help you stay up and running in the event of a drive failure while you swap the faulty drive, but a reliable backup solution will make RAID data recovery possible in other events of data loss. Without this extra layer of protection, RAID recovery may be difficult or impossible, depending on how the data was lost or damaged.

Why Choose IPM Computers for My Data Protection Needs?

When you partner with IPM Computers, you’ll never need to worry about losing data on your hard drives again. From SSD drives (solid state drives) to SAS hard drives, internal drives and portable external drives, NAS drives and SAN devices, and everything else, we’ll ensure all your data is always safely backed up and ready in the event of a disaster. We can even assist with RAID server data recovery in the event your redundant storage experiences issues.

Contact us today to discuss your needs—we’d love to hear from you!

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Data backup and recovery solutions help ensure the protection of valuable data in case of accidental deletion, hardware failure, or cyber attacks. With a reliable backup system in place, businesses can minimize downtime, recover quickly from disasters, and prevent significant financial losses. Investing in robust backup and recovery solutions is a proactive approach to safeguarding critical information and maintaining business continuity.


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  • Network

    Cloud services are network dependent, which is why IPM Computers network management and monitoring services have become critical to IT.

  • Service desk

    IPM Computers 24/7 support is about maximizing service efficiency, resolving problems and driving continuous service improvement.

  • Infrastructure

    IPM Computers ensures your IT infrastructure is always optimized to support the stable and highly available services organisations demand.

  • Endpoint management

    Client and server endpoints are managed as one estate, ensuring security and stability while maximizing up time and employee productivity.

  • Applications

    IPM Computers supports Software as well as on-premise deployments, ensuring applications are always optimized for the best possible user experience.

  • Managed services plus

    IPM Computers provides advanced management tools to clients who want to take their IT Service Management to a higher level.

Secure Your Data as Part of a Comprehensive IT Strategy

Data backups are a crucial part of a well-rounded IT and cybersecurity strategy. Our Data Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions not only protect your vital business data but also ensure swift recovery in case of emergencies. Reach out today to learn how we can strengthen your overall IT infrastructure and keep your business running smoothly.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, IPM Computers has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Explore our company



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, IPM Computers has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.

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Ready to Properly Protect Your Business Data?

Experience the benefits of working with a team that’s knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to protecting your business. Our quick response time and comprehensive strategy ensures an unparalleled data backup and recovery experience tailored to your needs. Contact us today to discover the advantages of partnering with us for all your IT & data protection requirements.

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