Project Sandy


We are working on a 150 acre property out of South Carolina to provide a fiber back bone, as well as wireless network, and server infrastructure to provide a ticketing system for trucks to move product in and out of the property. We are utilizing a Supermicro 1u rack mounted server we’ve custom built for the client and SMS Turbo ticketing system for the trucks. We utilize Axis and Ubiquiti Unifi Protect cameras to ID the trucks using the weight scales.

More Details About Project Sandy

This will be a 100% managed system via Ubiquiti Unifi switching and wifi, and Sophos XG router with Raritan KVM for any local PC work. The power is also cloud managed via Wattbox. As long as there is an operational internet source, we will be able to have full control to troubleshoot all equipment in this company.

All our builds are completely built in our office, documented, configured, tested, and then broken down to get ready for delivery to ensure the client gets the best experience possible.

Something new we have began to do towards the end of 2018 is utilizing these red, yellow, and black rack studs instead of the traditional metal cage nuts. These studs make a huge difference in speed, and stress when installing equipment  into racks.

Also these new devices called “PatchBox” greatly help in the organization and overall look of the racks we build for our clients.

A view of the patchybox open with a fan showingA backside view of a recently installed rackA side back angle of a recently installed rack A monitor on the front of a new rackThe rack opening showing various setup and wire configurations