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Our company believes in planning ahead for the future, so as a rule of thumb any computer 4 years and older in most cases, should simply just be replaced.

1) Microsoft releases a new operating system once every 4 years and halts product support for the previous operating system.

2) Hardware changes so fast that after 4 years, finding new hardware for certain computers can be a challenge, especially when dealing with big name brand computers. This rule especially comes true for laptops as parts for laptops are not as widely available as they are for desktops.

3) When it comes to replacing some hardware on a computer, the part + labor can generally cost 30-50% the cost of a new computer and sometimes in rare occasions 100% as much as a new computer.

4) It’s like a car. After 4 years things begin to just let go.

5) Software changes so fast, requiring more and more memory, or more CPU, or different types of processors that allow graphics to do certain actions, and this goes hand in hand with hardware changing and improving over time. If you have owned more than one computer in your life, have you always noticed how even though you pay someone to do a tune up to a computer, it still never feels as fast as it did when you first bought it? That is partially due to newer updated software demanding more from your computer.

6) Even though newer software like Windows updates can slow down your computer, if you don’t keep your computer up to date, you are at a much higher risk of getting a virus. It’s a catch 22 for sure.

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