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2019 Breach Secure Now Blogs You May Have Missed

Breach Secure Now 2019 Blog Recap - Hands Typing on a Laptop
Cyber Security Updates

Breach Secure Now 2019 Blog Recap - Hands Typing on a Laptop

The team here at Breach Secure Now curated a lot of content in 2019 that we hope you found informative and thought-provoking when it came to your cybersecurity, both personally and professionally. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite blogs that generated some tremendously positive feedback, addressing both you as a Managed Service Provider, and some built for you to share as you see fit with your clients!

Blogs for Managed Service Providers

The State of Compliance

Regulations at the Federal level get a lot of coverage, but are you aware of state-level laws and compliance regulations?  As with most things, it “starts at home”, so make sure you are aware of every level and standard that you need to be hitting.

Cybersecurity: An Opportunity to Be the Hero

MSP’s need to make sure that they are not only providing their clients with the necessary tools to do their daily tasks from a business perspective, but also to create awareness of the factors that they don’t know about.  Cybersecurity presents an incredible opportunity to be the hero to your clients by saving them before they need to be saved.

The Blame Game

When a tragedy, accident, or catastrophic event occurs, the first thing we do is look for help.  The second thing we do is look to place blame.  Get your processes in place so that everyone knows their role and how they can be held accountable.

A New Approach to Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare clients are still businesses.  And businesses have cybersecurity needs that go beyond the scope of HIPAA.  Are you pitching and protecting those clients in the right way?

Blogs for you to share as you see fit with your clients

Ransomware is Alive and Well – Here are 10 Tips to Help Protect Your Organization 

A quick list of ten suggestions for you and your team to generate awareness and conversation around cybersecurity.  To know better is to do better.

Shining Light on the Dark Web

Understanding what the Dark Web is, and why your data is valuable if found there.  We also discuss how you can use preventative measures to see if you have been compromised and how you can take action against further damage.

Employee Buy-In for Security Awareness

Cybersecurity is everyone’s job when it comes to your organization.  There is not one person or part of the business – regardless of size – that doesn’t have a valuable contribution to keeping you all secure.  Education is key.

Why Cyber-Insurance?

It’s a new world out there and you need new tools to fight the bad guys.  Unfortunately, being prepared doesn’t do enough, because the likelihood of a breach increases every day.  We discuss why having a solid cyber insurance plan in place can help you to recover – and ultimately survive – a breach.

Why We Need to Go Beyond HIPAA

HIPAA has done incredible things to keep the healthcare industry accountable to its patients.  But cybersecurity doesn’t see any laws or regulations, so while HIPAA can protect in one way, a business is still vulnerable if it doesn’t have a solid cybersecurity plan in place.

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