Breach Secure Now Unveils Enhanced Product Lineup for Cybersecurity and Productivity

Cyber Security Updates

Breach Secure Now is thrilled to announce a strategic revolution in our offering for our Managed Service Providers (MSPs) partners to build and expand upon their offering. BSN CEO Art Gross stated, “We are thrilled to evolve the BSN platform for our partners and their clients.”

At the heart of this evolution is the groundbreaking introduction of integrated Microsoft 365 productivity training, characterized by Gross as a “revolutionary expansion of our channel-leading training platform.” Gross explained, “It allows us to help MSPs strengthen their core services and help clients maximize their M365 investment.”

In response to the evolving needs of our partners, we are proud to introduce the Breach Secure NowTeams App, bringing the BSN platform directly into the Microsoft Teams client for a seamless fit into the existing workflows of our partners and their clients. Gross emphasized, “Built into Microsoft Teams and utilizing native Teams notifications, this will be a real game changer. This innovation is designed to enhance engagement from client employees, addressing a key request from our partners for improved participation in cybersecurity and productivity training.” By integrating learning into daily work environments, our training platform is more accessible than ever before. Underlining the accessibility and flexibility of the training platform, Gross highlighted, “For employees, they can access the BSN training on their desktop or on the go with their mobile devices. They can interact with our content when it is most convenient for them.”

As Breach Secure Now takes this significant stride of putting productivity collaboration within cybersecurity, Gross’s vision underscores the commitment to provide innovative solutions that elevate security and empower businesses for optimal success. The cornerstone of this evolution lies in the Microsoft 365 Productivity Training, which includes courses that cover fundamental skills, a dedicated cybersecurity class, and an innovative learning format known as Nanos©. Nanos© are like Instagram Reels / TikTok short format and engaging videos. For partners with Google clients, Google Cybersecurity Training offers a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity education.

Breach Secure Now is proud to reinforce our commitment to providing forward-thinking solutions that not only enhance security but also elevate business operations. Working together, we anticipate a future of secure and productive collaboration in cybersecurity.

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