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Breach Secure Now Unveils Revolutionary AI Training for Managed Service Providers

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In an exciting development for the cybersecurity and productivity training industry, Breach Secure Now (BSN) has announced the launch of its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training platform. As a leader in innovative training solutions, BSN is poised to revolutionize how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) enhance their service offerings through the power of AI.

Art Gross, CEO of Breach Secure Now, expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture, stating, “We are beyond excited to evolve the BSN Productivity Suite to include AI training for our partners and their clients. This new offering underscores our commitment to pioneering solutions that meet the global impact and evolution of Artificial Intelligence.”

Tracie Crites, Chief Channel Officer, highlighted the company’s dedication to supporting MSPs, saying, “The MSP community deserves a vendor that stands by them, evolving and growing together through this technological generation. We are committed to providing our MSP partners with comprehensive training, human perspectives, and a balanced view of the pros and cons of AI. Breach Secure Now goes beyond automation; we walk in lockstep with the MSP channel to support and strengthen the entire ecosystem.”

Introducing the Comprehensive AI Training Suite

The newly launched AI Training suite is seamlessly integrated into BSN’s existing platform, marking a significant expansion of their channel-leading training solutions. Here’s what the new AI Training includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fundamentals: A 20-minute course on generative AI and chatbots like ChatGPT, covering definitions, applications, and ethical considerations.
  • AI Cybersecurity Training: A 15-minute overview of AI’s role in cybersecurity, highlighting threats and best practices for identifying AI-generated scams.
  • AI Nanos©: Ultra-compact, sub-60-second videos providing quick tips and tricks for mastering AI.
  • AI Fundamentals Guidebook: A downloadable resource with detailed insights into AI concepts, the CHAT method for prompt creation, and implementation of best practices.
  • AI Acceptable Use Policy Template: Guidelines for ethical AI use, ensuring compliance with legal standards and company values.

Breach Secure Now believes this comprehensive training will significantly enhance the cybersecurity stance and offering of MSPs, allowing them to empower small and midsized businesses to leverage AI technologies safely and effectively.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Teams

Breach Secure Now has also launched an integration with the Microsoft Teams App. “This integration brings the BSN platform directly into the Microsoft Teams client, creating a seamless fit into the daily workflows of our partners and their clients,” Art Gross emphasized. The integration has shown remarkable success, with Breach Secure Teams App users experiencing a 39% higher Employee Secure Score (ESS)—BSN’s proprietary employee security calculation similar to a FICO credit score.

Committed to Innovation and Success

Art Gross’s vision for BSN highlights an unwavering commitment to innovation and empowerment. “Our goal is to provide solutions that not only enhance security but also empower businesses for optimal success,” Gross said.

For more information and to experience the future of AI training, visit Breach Secure Now today.

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