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Everyone is doing it, right? It seems every day we see one successful match-up after the other on our newsfeed from Instagram to Facebook, and everywhere in between.  And since it is now February, the month known for celebrating perfect partnerships, we thought, hey, let’s put ourselves out there! 

Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself…

Breach Secure Now (BSN) makes cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance training easy for managed service providers (MSP) so that automating, supporting, and empowering their clients is simple.  We help you educate and motivate employees to protect their organization from cyber threats while creating a superhuman firewall.  Some say we are the complete package, but we’re always growing and creating more tools and resources for our partners.  Our love language is gifts…gifts to you in the form of a white-labeled marketing library that includes videos, social ads, email campaigns and so much more!

What Are You Looking for in a Partner?

As a champion of cybersecurity, we seek partners who want to grow together!  We know that you’ll have other relationships, but we are positive that we’re going to bring something to the table that you won’t find elsewhere. Confidence is key! Knowing that we’re strong on our own is great, but we are sure we’ll be even better together!

Do You Have Any Hobbies or Interests?

At Breach Secure Now, we enjoy taking long walks through the internet in search of compromised data, but our real passion lies in the ongoing training programs that we love to create.  Staying up to date on cybersecurity threats, trends and best practices is something that takes center stage in our world as well.  Some say we are obsessed, but we say we are just dedicated!  We also value the need for individuality in a relationship, and that’s why we only create white-labeled content for you to share as your own.  As for group dates, count us in!  There’s nothing like a great webinar or tradeshow to get together with friends and learn from each other.

What’s One Thing People Might Not Know About You?

We have healthcare experience – anyone need a HIPAA expert?!  The cybercrime threat to healthcare businesses is rising. Maintaining HIPAA compliance doesn’t address cybersecurity in a complete way.  And as a result, there are a lot of businesses that could benefit from the support of an MSP that can provide a combined solution.  We can provide you with just that! And you don’t have to be a HIPAA specialist!

Like any successful relationship, our goal is to help you to grow and succeed, so let’s work together to build your business!  Interested in setting up that first date? Don’t worry, it’s just a phone call, nothing serious.  And while we aren’t afraid of commitment, we’ll never lock you in with a long-term contract.  We are confident that once we get together, you won’t want to leave, as you will have tangible and valuable ways of opening your clients’ eyes to their security risks.

And if we’re already partners, but you want to learn more or introduce us to some of your friends, reach out today!

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