Changing Landscape

Changing Landscape Banner - Featuring a tree half alive in fall and half dead in winter
Cyber Security Updates

Changing Landscape Banner - Featuring a tree half alive in fall and half dead in winter
We all knew that the world was going to be forever changed when the  World Health Organization declared a global pandemic earlier in 2020. Just how much it was going to change was unseen – and remains unclear as each day brings new challenges for each city, state, and household in our country.

As a business owner, you too have to adapt to these changes as quickly as they come up, and yes, it seems that they are arriving daily. Your clients are dealing with these changes too and what they need more than ever is a beacon to guide them. The relationship that you had with them prior to COVID-19 should be the basis on which you build a new way of working. Be the constant that they need right now.

This means that as they adjust to how they will now be working and looking for success, you should be their trusted advisor and the ‘one issue that they don’t have to worry about’. Show them how to successfully work remotely, how to train and educate their employees so that their risk of a breach is lowered, and their business is secure.

According to a recent report by CRN, CFO’s expect 10% of their workforce to remain remote even after the pandemic fears subside. This means that as an MSP you have to be flexible in how you offer services. A combination of in-office/remote support structure should be in your offering, with ongoing education to enforce smart cybersecurity habits.

Be There, and Be Flexible

Sure, it is normal to feel uncertain yourself about how you’ll continue to run your business in the time of COVID-19, but take a moment, and assess the landscape. The economy will continue to exist, some businesses will have to modify how they work, and some new businesses will arise from this situation. But above all, there will be clients that will need YOU to support them. So, stand back, look at how these entities are working, and look at how your offering can be flexible in supporting them.

The risk of cybersecurity crime is not going anywhere, and neither should you. Now is not the time to retreat, it is the time to stand strong and be there for your clients so that you can support the infrastructure of our country’s economy and keep them humming along safely as they look to rebuild and grow.

Our recent webinar discusses this in more detail and how your partnership (or future partnership!) can help you to facilitate the transition of yours and your clients’ businesses.

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