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Cybersecurity Training in Microsoft 365 & Google

Cyber Security Updates

Increase in Impersonation Scams

According to recent findings by cybersecurity experts, in 2023 there has been a 53% surge in daily cyber threats that target Microsoft Office. And within that statistic, an average of 411,000 malicious files were detected each day. These findings underscore a growing trend of cybercriminals targeting document formats, particularly Microsoft Office and PDFs, and the importance of cybersecurity training.

Ransomware on the Rise

The report also highlights a significant rise in ransomware deployment, which has quadrupled in frequency over the past year. “Ransomware is growing to be one of the most common cyber-attacks and leaves patients extremely vulnerable,” Office of Civil Rights Director, Melanie Fontes Rainer, warns. Cybercriminals are continuously developing new malware and techniques, making it essential for organizations and individuals to embrace holistic security solutions.

Remote Work Concerns

In addition to these findings, another recent report revealed that 85% of organizations have experienced an outbound email data breach in the last 12 months. As organizations grapple with a 67% increase in data leaks via email since March 2020, concerns about the future of remote working and protecting client data intensify. The impacts of data breaches are far-reaching, from regulatory fines to reputational damage, leading organizations to reevaluate their email data loss prevention (DLP) strategies.

Introducing the Productivity Suite

Because of businesses’ cybersecurity challenges, platform-specific cybersecurity training in Microsoft 365 and Google is a new necessity. Breach Secure Now has recently launched the Productivity Suite, available to their MSP partners and their clients. This offering addresses these platforms’ specific vulnerabilities and threats, equipping SMBs to navigate the evolving threat landscape effectively. This comprehensive suite is tailored to enhance cybersecurity and efficiency for employees, promoting an accountable and empowered work environment. Fostering a less hectic work environment can help reduce the likelihood of an employee hurriedly clicking on a phishing email or making another mistake that can lead to a breach. This is just one of the ways that BSN is working to stay ahead of the curve – and cybercriminals when it comes to equipping businesses with the right tools!

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