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The conversation around selling your services can get uncomfortable for a variety of reasons.  We all have our own beliefs as to how we should be doing it, and few people want to acknowledge that they might be doing it wrong.

Start with marketing.  Get your name out there, have a call to action, and a reason for them to respond to you.  Simply sending out a postcard with your name on it isn’t enough.  Engagement is key, along with giving them a reason to know that they need you!

Our recent webinar with Matthew Koenig discusses how to sell to end-users and how to generate new business as an MSP.  When it comes to getting new leads, as hard as we may try to fight it, cold calling works.  Yes, it does work when it is done the right way.

What Is the Right Way?

First, you can’t let their existing beliefs cloud their judgment.  These ideas are often ‘myths’ and they are false.  Small businesses often overlook their risk factor. They think that they are too small, they’ve changed their passwords and their IT department (or singular IT person) has it under control. The reality is that they are an EASY target because of their cybersecurity assumptions.  These beliefs are just the tip of the iceberg.  They’ll likely uncover MANY more if you perform a security risk assessment – which we encourage you to do in an effort to show them how blatantly misinformed they are.

Additionally, we are in unprecedented times.  This translates into an entirely new remote workforce that has overlooked the overlap in-home or personal cybersecurity with their professional practices.  Shared passwords among devices, family members, and accounts is only the beginning.  Personal devices with outdated software, insecure systems, and an endless list of other options that increase the risk of a breach are also to be reviewed and considered when identifying the risk factors of end-users.

I Object!

Of course, you do Mr. or Ms. End User…we know you object.  We’ve heard all of the reasons before.  You don’t have the budget, the need, or the authority to acknowledge and accept a strong cybersecurity program.  But as an MSP, YOU need to make them understand that they can’t afford NOT to have a program in place.  With over 60% of businesses not surviving a breach, job security should be just one of the many reasons that they look to move forward with your services.

And with that in mind, you need to remove all of the objections in your head too.  That means that acknowledging the competition does not mean the market is saturated and your services aren’t needed.  You may not be unique in what you offer, but you can be unique in how you sell yourself and support them along the way.

Cybersecurity is needed now more than ever.  If you’re struggling or need assistance on how to go to market, identify what you might be doing wrong, or overcome the obstacles in selling end to end cybersecurity, let’s talk! We’ve created the solution and the content to support you, now let’s get you going!

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