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Guest Blog: Network Design Consultants

Guest Blog: Network Design Consultants Banner
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This week we welcome Scott McClain, owner of Network Design Consultants* as he discusses his experience as an MSP with healthcare clients and how his partnership with Breach Secure Now has contributed to that.

After speaking with dozens of medical professionals, we realized the lack of understanding and confusion surrounding HIPAA Compliance. We also have found that most practices are not HIPAA compliant at all. To add to the problem, there are many companies offering “HIPAA Compliance” solutions that they package and sell to the medical community. A closer look reveals most of these so-called “compliance companies” offer nothing more than a checklist that they as the practice to complete with them than thinking they are compliant!

It was then I began to look for a solution to this problem to better serve our clients in the medical industry. Enter Breach Secure Now. Not only have they provided us valuable training and understanding of true HIPAA compliance, but they have also made it simple for us to assist our customers as well. The online portal makes it very easy for a client to keep track of all the required policies and documentation. The weekly quizzes and annual training also greatly reduce the burden on, and saves the time of, already very busy doctors. The HIPPA Help Desk is the icing on the cake! Our clients love being able to ask questions and get expert advice any time they need it!

“Scott and his team at Network Design Consultants have taken the guesswork out of HIPAA Compliance. They not only assisted us with all of our policies and procedures but created a portal to track employee training and progress. Their help desk is also always available any time I have a HIPAA related question, and I rest easy knowing I receive professional advice.”

Sherry Gregor, J.D., M.Sc.
Director of Regulatory Affairs
America’s Pharmacy Source

Since BSN makes this service easy and affordable, we have created it as an add-on to our Managed Services that we propose to every prospective medical client. One bundled, flat rate price makes it an easy decision. We have also done a few “stand-alone” HIPAA compliance projects with the assistance of BSN.

Let This Resource Library Help You Market HIPAA Compliance Services

The marketing and resources library has helped us with marketing HIPAA Compliance as a service. From social media posts, to emails, to printed letters, to videos, it has saved us a lot of time internally developing these resources. BSN has made a tremendous impact on our service offering. We see this as a partnering in our mission to help medical practices be compliant and keep private patient data safe and secure.

* Started in 2008, Network Design Consultants is a complete managed technology solutions provider. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Ohio. As we began adding medical and dental practices to our Managed Support Services, we started receiving a lot of questions regarding HIPAA Compliance since so much of it involves IT. We immediately began to educate our team on the 3 main rules: Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification.

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