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Healthcare and Cybersecurity

Healthcare and Cybersecurity Banner - Featuring a Person Looking at a Health Monitoring Screen
Cyber Security Updates
Healthcare and Cybersecurity Banner - Featuring a Person Looking at a Health Monitoring Screen

As Managed Service Providers, you likely look at the world through ‘tech-colored glasses’.  While your business may focus on one vertical, in general, you’re able to support a business regardless of what they do or where their focus is, because you see them as a client with a technical infrastructure that you support.  What they focus on isn’t necessarily your concern.

We’d like you to take a minute and think about those clients that you have or would like to have, which are in the healthcare industry and handle protected health information, or PHI. They are the ones that fall under the regulation for HIPAA compliance.  We don’t need you to know all of the rules of HIPAA, but what you should know is that you’re able to support these clients, and perhaps pursue new business, with our HIPAA Services.

It Can Be Confusing

Meeting HIPAA compliance does not mean that a company is cyber-secure.  HIPAA focuses on protecting patient information but does not outline a detailed way in which a business should operate to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.  And unfortunately, people often don’t know the difference.  Healthcare is one of the most targeted industries in cybercrime.  The damage done to a business (and the affected individuals) from a breach can be catastrophic, and the HIPAA factor only compounds the damage.

This provides you with an opportunity to show healthcare organizations the risk that they face, and more importantly, how to remedy that risk.

That’s Not Me

You might be thinking right now, “I’m not in the business of HIPAA compliance.”  And we know that you’re not – but we are.  And as a Breach Secure Now partner, you can gain access to a full suite of HIPAA compliance services.  With options for white-labeled HIPAA services, or expert-guided services through our HIPAA Secure Now add-on, we make it seamless to combine cybersecurity and HIPAA resources for your healthcare customers.

Whether you have existing healthcare clients or would like to pursue this vertical in the future, this is an opportunity that your business will benefit from.  Don’t leave your healthcare clients at risk or money on the table with the tools that you can easily be provided to strengthen their security & HIPAA compliance posture.

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