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Healthcare Clients

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Cyber Security Updates

When it comes to needing a strong cybersecurity program, don’t overlook the opportunity that the healthcare industry presents. There is a market here that MSPs should be focused on as a way to grow their business.

Why Focus Here?

Healthcare continually remains one of the largest targeted industries for cybercriminals. The payoff for a data breach in healthcare is high given the value of patient health data. The difference between responding to a hacker can mean life and death – not to mention the hefty HIPAA fines that can go along with a data breach.

Is HIPAA the Same as Cybersecurity?

There may be confusion around the difference in what a HIPAA program is, and how it relates to cybersecurity. Compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations is heavily dependent on a strong cybersecurity program. But they are not the same thing.

If a healthcare business is not adhereing to a strong cybersecurity program, they likely have security gaps that provide points of access for a cybercriminal. Cybersecurity is part of a HIPAA compliant program.

Identify Risk

Conducting an annual Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is part of a your client offering. In healthcare, an SRA is required. This can act as a conversation starter for potential new clients that are in healthcare, or as a way to grow your existing clients that work in the industry.

Available Tools

Healthcare businesses need a strong cybersecurity program. Don’t hesitate to grow this side of your MSP business based on uncertainty about HIPAA. As a Breach Secure Now partner, you have our team of experts ready to assist you! Our compliance, training, and security programs address the threats of cybercrime that healthcare businesses face on an ongoing basis.

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