Incoming Cybersecurity Leadership

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Cyber Security Updates

Regardless of whichever way you lean politically, the recent announcement of a few incoming Presidential government staff appointments is hopefully good news to those who know the importance of strong cybersecurity.


Because these individuals come with a collective history of working in the industry. This means that there won’t be any lag time in getting them caught up on why a strong cybersecurity program is critical to all of us and the nation as a whole. And this is great news for anyone who supports or provides programs that cater to this facet of the business.

As an individual in any industry, let alone one that leans heavily on technology, creating awareness is the first step in generating business. And it is often something that we just don’t have time to do. Also, we as tech people, are so far ahead in the process and already see the WHY, that we sometimes can’t relate to people who have no idea of the dangers that lurk online. Streamlined or small businesses are often lucky if they even have a marketing department, and the clients that they service are possibly in the same boat, so having awareness in our culture as a whole is a gift to any industry. It permeates in other company’s messaging and provides the consumer with information in a variety of ways, making awareness likelier across the masses.

The Priorities at the Top of Any Leadership Team Will Trickle Down

This isn’t an opinion on what we have seen with past leaders good or bad. This is simply news as it relates to the cybersecurity industry and news that will certainly affect us all. The priorities at the top of any leadership team, government or not, will trickle down to every individual. While the need to address the topic will vary across the board and nation, and our approaches and opinions will also vary, we can all agree that creating a strong and solid defense against cybercrime is something that we all need to work together on for it to work effectively.

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