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Increase Engagement & Awareness In Your Ongoing Training Program

Increase Engagement & Awareness in Your Training Program Banner showing a man using a tablet.
Cyber Security Updates
Staying engaged and interacting with your clients just got easier.  And in the cybersecurity realm, no one can afford to stay complacent and ‘forget’ just how integral smart and secure habits are when it comes to lowering your risk of a breach.  You can’t be there onsite for your clients and calling them daily to remind them of the risk that accompanies poor behaviors is not an easier – or wise – path to choose.

While human interaction and actual conversations are genuinely valued, we are so inundated with information on an ongoing basis, that sometimes it can be overwhelming to take on more, especially in our already busy lives. And, with so much information flooding the internet, it can be difficult to determine what pieces of information and advice are legitimate and worth listening to.

As an MSP, your day may start out with a clear-cut plan of attack.  You have your tickets to work through, your client meetings to attend, products to familiarize yourself with, and a variety of other tasks to tackle, including those that come up unexpectedly.  And because the nature of what you do can include relaying emergency information, having a method to contact your clients all at once and in a speedy fashion is important to have in your arsenal.

Introducing our Client Newsfeed! 

As an already overtasked MSP with multiple clients to support, we wanted to help simplify the process of relaying information to your clients when it comes to cybersecurity awareness. The Newsfeed makes it easy for your clients to access their ongoing training materials in one place and provides them with additional value by dripping them important updates and bonus weekly training content. The Newsfeed provides:

  • A central location for more in-depth training content
  • Insight into your clients’ ongoing training program
  • Important alerts on scams to watch out for

You may be familiar with the BSN Partner Community Newsfeed, a feature we recently launched to help our Partners connect with one another to share strategies and ask questions, and a place where we could supply tons of extra marketing materials, tips for how to position human security, recommendations for how to make the most of a BSN Partnership, and so much more.

Interaction and Engagement

After launching this Newsfeed, we quickly realized that this tool could be – and should be – leveraged for MSPs to interact with their clients in the same way.  While our team will take care of keeping your clients updated on breaking news, cybercrime alerts, and more in real-time, you’ll be able to update them on important business reminders, and push them additional training content offered by BSN specific to their industry, and so much more! This is the channel for you to provide your clients with the information that they need in a way that is not going to get lost in the shuffle.  And it will disperse the information to their entire team if you’d like.

This is just one more way that Breach Secure Now is working to make your life easier, your clients more protected, and aware – and your business more successful!

Interested in learning more about the Newsfeed? Contact us today.

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