IPM Computers is All Smiles for Cape Fear Smiles Dentistry

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For the past six months, Dr. Todd Walls has been bringing smiles to the Wilmington area at Cape Fear Smiles General and Cosmetic Dentistry. With his specialized team that includes Janet Gilbert, Karen Maasch, Vivian Powell, Alison Smithey, and ReNee Williams, you’ll surely be looking forward to your next dental check up!

A dental office with a high-tech computer setup

How We Helped Cape Fear Smiles With Their IT Needs

All dentist offices are special in their own way, which is why IPM Computers created seven customized desktops for each of the rooms in Dr. Todd Walls establishment. IPM Computers also set up a dual internet connection for Cape Fear Smiles so they’ll always be up and running for their patients.

Several computers, a server, and wireless access points in a cubby
IPM Computers set up and installed the Dell PowerEdge T410 server into the dental office, along with Eaglesoft Software, Cape Fear Smiles now has a complete network. IPM Computers is currently still handling all systems today.