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Cyber Security

Smart Speakers, Are You Listening?

Alexa, What Are You Collecting? At the top of many holiday gift lists was a smart speaker device.  They can make ou...

Cyber Security

The Rise in Cryptojacking

You can teach your clients how to spot a phishing email and hope that they take heed. You can warn them about the danger...

Cyber Security

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Plan, people, policies Under the guidance of Maria Vullo, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) created ...

Cyber Security

All Jolly, No Folly

Some of us attack and engage in our holiday shopping with a plan that rivals the most well thought out strategies.  We s...

Cyber Security

No Personal Callers

If your phone rings and the caller id is UNKNOWN, you likely won’t answer.  And scammers know that, so they’ve been clev...

Cyber Security

Don’t Let Your Holiday Get Hacked

Prices may go down over the holidays but hacking incidents go up.  Way up.  While online shopping is something we all ne...

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity in the Legal Industry

Modern Law Cybersecurity is something you have to think about at the individual level. At the healthcare level. And at y...

Cyber Security

Election Season: Another Favorite for Scammers

Election season scams  Political candidates will target voters to get their message across, and hackers will take advant...

Cyber Security

FBI Issues E-Skimming Warning

Skim This Over Recently the FBI issued a warning against e-skimming threats in response to the increase of attacks on sm...

Cyber Security

Stripe Customers Targeted by Phishing Email

New Lures for Phishing A recent security alert from the online payment processing company Stripe has informed users of a...