Osprey Minerals operates a mine out of Mt. Croghan South Carolina, delivering minerals to surrounding businesses in the region. The company leads by staying on the cutting edge of technology providing the best services possible for their clients.

Client: Osprey Minerals

IT Consultancy, Infrastructure Design, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security


Osprey Minerals came to us with the need to have wifi and cameras installed throughout the multitude of acreage contained within their property.  They needed a dedicated fully managed system they could rely on that was able to be managed by a full time IT staff.

This became a challenge as they are not located nearby to us yet they need to maintain a perfect up time for their trucks to process minerals properly as well as maintain a self servicing kiosk for the trucks to use when there is no staff on hand.


IPM Computers realized the challenge at hand and rose to the task of providing a complete custom designed cloud managed network infrastructure complete with enclosed rack filled with a custom server, networking equipment, fiber interfaces, battery backups, as well as several enclosures spread across the property to house cloud managed switches, access points, and fiber connections.

We designed a system in which we could install a weather proof enclosure with a single cloud managed PoE switch, access point, and up to 6 cameras per power pole that could be placed anywhere on the property. These all fed back to the main office via fiber optics lead into a converging 10gb fiber switch which then fed to the other switches on the network via SFP+ 10gb ports. They have the ability to expand this up to 16 poles in it’s current form, and even more with additional switches.

Inside the office in the main rack housed the server which runs the software needed to pilot the kiosk as well as maintain and backup the data to the cloud and local storage device. We also utilized a Raritan remote KVM which allows us to remote into any machine we connect it to in case we need to perform the lowest level of diagnostics on any equipment on site.

All equipment is completely cloud managed by our in house technicians.


On opening day the system performed perfectly. The business performed as expected with only minor changes needing to be addressed. Our technicians handled everything perfectly from design to close. It has been six months since the end of this job and the site has been running flawlessly since.

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