It’s Game Time – Shoot, Score, Win!

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Participation in just about any group activity, from sports to dancing, to delivering presentations, is usually accompanied by one phrase that’s applicable across the board: practice makes perfect.  If you prepare for what may or may not happen, the likelihood increases that you will respond in a more successful manner.  But, when discussing a strategy or game plan for cybersecurity, that isn’t always easy.  Sure, you can take a class or watch a video online, but if you take that singular approach, you aren’t always physically there to see just how engaged the participants are or how much information they are retaining.  Training is important, but reinforcing behaviors in real-time and in unique ways makes that training course and your overall preparation plan even more effective.

Gamification For the Win

How do you do this?  One way is by incorporating gamification into behaviors and learning. When we apply this practice to enhance cognitive development, we often refer to it as brain games.  This approach has been identified to improve the rate at which the brain processes and maintains the information.

Don’t dismiss this as something that has had only school-level success – there are plenty of reports out there that taut the benefits of keeping your brain engaged as an adult!  But even if we put the health benefits aside, let’s look at the success that can be found when applied to the workplace.  Consider that employees often do repeat tasks daily.  There is comfort in that repetition, and just like working from home, our guard is down when we are in a familiar situation. Now couple that repetition in a situation like a video game.  The engagement and entertainment aspects of video games motivate you to get to the next level.  This happens by learning how to advance and “win” with response behaviors and tactics that render you victorious over the video villain or challenge.

Now imagine this approach integrated with ongoing training when it comes to fighting cybercrime tactics. 

Breach Secure Now’s platform was built to help MSPs educate their clients on an ongoing basis, in a fun, engaging way that differentiates them from other training programs. By assigning each employee with their own Employee Secure Score (ESS), employees can see how they rank in their security standing against their co-workers by competing on the leaderboard! Employees can improve their score by completing training, acknowledging policies and procedures, and more, but they can also lose points for reasons such as failing a phishing simulation or being involved in a data breach.

Another engagement feature available through Breach Secure Now is our in-email analysis and training solution, Catch Phish, which provides employees with training functionality directly inside Outlook! They can complete their training videos and quizzes, and send any email for analysis if they believe it could be phishy to receive instant feedback and training insight.

Move over mundane, it’s GAME ON when it comes to fighting the dark world of cybercrime!

Alone, there isn’t an easy way to schedule practice and the threat that exists in real-time doesn’t take a break for practice to be scheduled.  You’re up against busy employee schedules, a lack of interest in the subject matter, a lack of belief in the threats that exist, and general human behaviors that think “they already know about what to do” in a cyber endangering situation.

You can learn more about our Breach Prevention Platform with our ongoing and gamified training solution, here.

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