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Know Better – Do Better

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Cyber Security Updates

Knowledge is power.  And when it comes to fighting hackers, we need all the power we can collectively find.  Educating your employees is the key to preventing cyberattacks, and Chubb’s Third Annual Cyber Report confirms this.

With small businesses having a tendency to have limited funds and resources when it comes to “extras”, cybersecurity training is no longer an extra to be dismissed until the time is better.  The time is now and the best defense is to make sure you are taking the steps to protect your business.  If you had a high chance of getting hit by lightning, you wouldn’t go around carrying a metal rod.  But with chances of getting hit by a hacker rising every day, having uneducated employees running your business is essentially the same thing.  Quit making your business an attractive target with a front line that doesn’t know the difference between phishing and fishing.

Simply put, you cannot be overprepared. 

With 43% of cyberattacks hitting small businesses (according to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report), you are on the radar.  And guess what?  That percentage is NOT going down – it’s rising.  Don’t be part of the 70% of businesses that don’t offer a training and education platform.

Talk with your MSP about your cybersecurity plan.  Is there a way to perform a risk assessment and provide ongoing education? Are there current threats you should be aware of? Do you have the right technology in place to help prevent an attack? Do you have cyber insurance to assist in handling and recovering from a data breach? Never assume that someone else is looking out for your business the same way that you are.

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