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Cyber Security Updates

As an MSP, you are on call 24/7, even if your hours are not technically ‘round the clock’. As a business owner, this is amplified.  You not only have a team to take care of and maintain, but you also have clients that need looking after as well.  Ideally, all of these individuals are tethered to you for the long haul so keeping up with all of these relationships is critical.

For your clients, you need to ensure that they have the latest and greatest when it comes to protection and options for their own productivity.  This means that there has to be a period prior to deploying and supporting those options where your own team can evaluate, test, and learn these same products – both software and hardware.  Having the time to do that is another thing altogether.

Keeping up can be hard.  It takes time and resources that you don’t always have available.  Partnering with the right vendors can make all the difference. Learn to foster strong vendor relationships as a part of your success strategy just like you want to do with your own clients.  You can’t do everything on your own – and if you try, you have a strong likelihood of falling victim to ‘paralysis by analysis’ which is the overwhelming feeling of having too many options to analyze and so you don’t move at all and end up staying complacent.

If there is a gap in your team’s knowledge or education level on what you are offering, or if you feel that you aren’t up to date on what all you could be doing for your clients, consider taking one day to sit down and research the right partners to help.  Find an end to end cybersecurity program that offers ongoing training and protection for both you and your clients. Look for a marketing library that helps with lead generation. In the event of a breach, you’ll want to include cybersecurity insurance as an offering as well.

Breach Secure Now does all of this, and while we believe we are the right partner for any MSP servicing small to medium-sized businesses, we want you to feel the same way.  We know what goes into cultivating and maintaining strong relationships, so we put a lot of effort into being a strong advocate for our partner and clients’ success. We do our best to help our partners grow their businesses and are always open to expanding and improving our offering with what our partners deem necessary to expand and improve their MSP.

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With the current COVID-19 crisis and many organizations working remotely, your clients need your help. If you’re already a Breach Secure Now partner, we’d be happy to schedule a consultation with you to go over your partner benefits and teach you how to roll out your resources like free training, phishing, and dark web scans

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