MVP: Most Valuable Player

MVP: Most Valuable Player Banner - Featuring a group of hands in a huddle
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MVP: Most Valuable Player Banner - Featuring a group of hands in a huddle

Look Beyond Technology and Put People First

If you think of business as if it were a sports team, you can have a top-notch facility (or fancy office space), stylish uniforms, and the best fan base (or clientele list) around, but if your players don’t show up for each game, you’ll never have a winning season.

In a business, your team roster is your employees.  And having talent that is well trained and ready for whatever comes at them during the business day is going to provide you with a consistent game-winning approach.

Breach Secure Now focuses on empowering the human firewall that each and every business has to create and maintain to ensure a strong defense against cybercrime.  This means that while humans are a vulnerability, with the right approach, they can become their organization’s strongest asset.  Within your cybersecurity stack, you have solutions that address aspects of technology and security, but does it include one that addresses human security?  Each and every time, human security training and awareness will be the MVP – Most Valuable Player (and product!) – in your client’s business, and overlooking that component will leave you scrambling to close the gaps no matter what solution is thrown at a problem.

The Stats

When it comes to the statistics of a data breach, the numbers don’t lie – and they don’t favor an unprepared business. According to a recent report:

Every day in business is a chance to show up and win.  Unfortunately, the adage of it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game doesn’t apply when it comes to winning the war against cybercrime.  You can’t show up to a game unprepared and expect to win.  And you can’t show up to work unprepared when it comes to defending the security of your workplace.

Spring training is here – and with Breach Secure Now on your team to help you address the human-side of security, the winning season is year-round!

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