Partnerships We Love: Breach Secure Now and Inskyber

Partnerships We Love: Breach Secure Now and Inskyber Banner - Featuring the Inskyber logo
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Partnerships We Love: Breach Secure Now and Inskyber Banner - Featuring the Inskyber logo

We take thee for better or for worse, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health…we will be there for you in your time of need…. ah, the familiar words we hear as two parties engage at the beginning of their road together.  You’re in it together and promise to stand by each other when the going gets…well, not so good.

And what better partnership for when the going gets tough, than to have a good insurance provider?  That’s why we love Inskyber.  This insurance brokerage specializes in providing innovative solutions tailored to fit MSPs’, and their clients’ needs. In fact, just like Breach Secure Now, Inskyber was built by an MSP, which helps tremendously in knowing what you need to provide for your business and your clients.

Why Do You Need Insurance?

You lock the doors on your home, your car, and your office.  That lock gives you the assurance that someone won’t walk right in and take what isn’t theirs or mess with your belongings when you aren’t able to watch the door, right?  You buy auto insurance policies because while you might consider yourself a safe driver, you can’t count on everyone else to behave in the same way. That insurance policy provides you with coverage for the things that you can’t control.  And while we offer many tools that can mitigate the risks that a business faces when it comes to threats from the world of cybercrime, the fact is, some factors can’t be controlled.  And that’s why you need cyber insurance.

Unexpected Costs

The damage from a data breach doesn’t stay contained within the four walls of your office.  The outside world will be aware of what happened and that comes with costs that your business may not be able to shoulder. Yes, ransomware comes with a bounty that you may consider paying, but the professional guidance you’ll need in a breach situation is going to cost you too.  Experts will need to be hired.  You may experience reputational damage that needs to be addressed with a public relations firm.  Legal fees will accrue, and will likely increase if a lawsuit is filed from anyone who had information that was compromised in the breach. Fines and penalties may be issued as well. And none of this accounts for the employee overtime and lost business that you may face as a result.

Relationship Goals

Partnering with Inskyber makes sense for a variety of reasons, but because our goal is to provide MSPs with complete solutions in cybersecurity, this partnership supports that goal.

We work to empower MSPs to provide human cybersecurity solutions, and that means providing baseline and ongoing education for your clients.  But we also know that things do not always go as planned.  We aren’t insurance brokers, but we can align with a company that is, and one that has the same values in their business as we do at Breach Secure Now.

Whether you’re a current partner looking to learn more about our partnership with Inskyber or are looking to learn more about everything we do here, we are here to help!

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