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Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment

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Cyber Security Updates

Last year our team developed an innovative and one-of-a-kind security risk assessment, with a one-of-a-kind name. The Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment, or BECA, was released in December and has been successfully used by our MSP partners as both a prospecting tool for prospective clients and a relationship-building tool for their existing clients!

Since then, our team has been working to leverage the success of BECA to create its HR doppelgänger: The Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment.

Similar to the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment, the Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment is a 60-question assessment across six cybersecurity topics:
• General Cybersecurity Knowledge
• Phishing Awareness
• Password Hygiene
• Handling PII
• Social Media
• Working Remotely

Only, this time, rather than being used by Partners to prospect new clients, the Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment is available within the client portal for management to use as a tool to assess the cybersecurity posture of a potential new hire.

HR’s Next Best Resource

In a world where it is projected that 90% of all jobs will require some form of digital skillsets and that 85% of data breaches are caused by human error, it’s important for any business to take into consideration the cybersecurity posture of applicants and new hires.

Imagine your client has assigned the Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment to a strong candidate who is applying for a computer-based position…

When they receive the assessment results back, they can now tailor the potential employee’s onboarding process with training recommendations in areas where they showed cybersecurity weakness.

But what if your client would prefer to use the assessment on new employees that have been recently hired?

They can certainly do that too! Once the assessment has been completed, the accompanying report can indicate areas where further training may be needed to get a new employee aligned with the rest of the organization.

How It Works

Managers within the BPP, HIPAA BPP, and EVA MD products can access this hiring-wave-of-the-future now. And we highly recommend spotlighting this feature with all clients (current and prospective) to demonstrate every level of the employee experience that our products help to educate and protect.

Managers wishing to deploy the assessment will simply create an individual cybersecurity assessment to share with the desired candidate. Once the assessment has been completed and submitted to the best of the individual’s abilities, a report will be generated. This organized report will outline the assessment taker’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas where additional training may be beneficial.

Assessments can be taken once per email address, and there are no limits to the number of assessments that can be sent out!

Spread the News!

We’re excited to have the Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment join the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment in our BSN toolbox, and we believe that this can truly help fill a need in the hiring process. Especially when it comes to employers looking for a way to better understand their incoming employees.

Currently, employers are relying on background checks to confirm a candidate’s past, but what about their cybersecurity future? Think of this assessment as a cyber-awareness “background check;” just another step in the hiring process to help evaluate and measure the impact a newcomer may have on the cybersecurity of a company.

To help spread the word, we’re providing our Partners with “turnkey” emails, educational videos, and client-facing how-to guides. All of which can be sent to Managers to let them know how the Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment can revolutionize the hiring and onboarding process. We also have social media graphics, videos, email banners, and more marketing resources to help you spread the word about this exciting new tool.

For more information on the Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment or its deployment, visit https://www.breachsecurenow.com/pre-employment/, or feel free to contact us.

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