Strong Password Behavior

Cyber Security Updates

Strong password behavior is the foundation of many aspects of a cybersecurity program. There are still people that have the same password for all their accounts. As an MSP, you can’t be there when they create passwords to oversee the process. But you can enable measures that will force them to engage with good habits.

At Breach Secure Now, we work to make your job easier, and your clients’ businesses more secure.  One of our latest feature enhancements is our new password verification process. This will require strong passwords with an integrated analysis feature.  We look at the ‘crackability’ of the created password to emphasize the importance of length and special characters while avoiding common words or phrases. For example, Password123! is long and uses a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters. But this password is likely to be guessed by cybercriminals. We analyze and provide alternatives. It will apply automatically to new accounts when they create a password, as well as to existing users when they change their passwords.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

As a business built for MSPs, we want our partners to control the security and access of their client’s accounts. Federated login made this attainable by synchronizing portal access with various platforms. While the federated option remains the efficient and secure way for users to access the portal, we wanted to create alternative options. Enter Native 2FA, a fast and simple way to secure a user’s access to their account. Made specifically for those that do not have the capability to turn these features on.

This setting can be enabled or disabled at the client level. Once enabled, users will be directed to an authentication page upon their next login. Using the authenticator tool of their choice, they will be sent a one-time passcode to their device. Only with the correct email address, password, and one-time generated passcode will the user be able to access their account. Strengthening your security offering to your client is an organic process. Breach Secure Now strives to always provide you with the best tools in the business. If you’re not yet a partner and are interested in learning more, let’s talk today!

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