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The Impressive Impact of AI in Action

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The consulting firm PwC rolled out ChatGPT to all of their employees. The goal was to use the tools on themselves before helping clients implement Generative AI tools.

The results are impressive.

The results can be transformative when you provide people with the latest technology tools, the skills and guardrails to use them responsibly, and the power to innovate and reinvent how they get work done.

Across their business, they’ve found that people who regularly use the tools demonstrate productivity gains of 20% to 40%. With time saved, they’re able to focus on more strategic work and bring more value to clients.

A Look at the Numbers


Their finance department saw productivity gains of 20% to 40% in accounting and tax processes, thanks to specialized GenAI tools. These tools speed up data analysis, document summarization and generation, and chat-based Q&A. For instance, one GenAI tool allows them to create first drafts of new contracts and extract key information from existing ones within seconds.


In marketing, they achieved a productivity gain of 20% to 30% using a specialized GenAI model for content creation. Firmwide models assisted in automating work process documentation, reviewing documents for risks, summarizing and analyzing documents and audio, and enabling Q&A access to data analysis. the PwC team created the marketing content, with GenAI helping to produce it faster and making it more data-driven and customized.

Sales, Customer Service, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Achievements

PwC also saw productivity gains in their clients. Their clients are enterprise-size businesses but I think the results apply to SMBs utilizing Generative AI as well.

At a major financial institution, sales have increased by 15% to 20% in request-for-proposal generation due to improved speed and efficiency. A fast-food chain has also seen a 10% to 15% rise in average order value.

For governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), a global food and beverage company has achieved 25% greater productivity for log reviewers, reduced false positives, enhanced collaboration, and increased claim savings for a large beauty and personal care company.

In customer service, there’s been a 25% reduction in average call center handling time, along with a 67% reduction in call abandonment and a 70% reduction in misrouted calls across the retail, gaming, hospitality, and furniture sectors.

Embrace These Tools

AI adoption is really about training your employees on using these advanced Generative AI tools. Embracing them to integrate and enhance existing processes is going to help businesses be more successful. Integrating tools like AI Training which is included in the BSN Productivity Suite into your MSP offering is an ideal way to maximize this opportunity.

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