The Little Things That Go a Long Way

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Cyber Security Updates

It’s the Little Things

When we think about cybersecurity, we might first imagine big data centers being guarded.  Hackers working diligently in the shadows to compromise a large network or company and “maybe” get to our information at some point.  But like all things in life, the little things add up.

When it comes to your own personal cybersecurity, take a moment to do some housecleaning and safeguard your identity and assets.

Whatever happened to your MySpace account?  Did you ever update those credentials or delete that account?  That login combination is lurking out there and you need to clean it up or risk someone finding it and using one login as a gateway to more information.  That frequent shopper account in your old hometown?  Yes, that could have a login and id too. How about all those mobile apps you’ve downloaded over the years – did you have to create accounts for those too? Do a quick search and see what you can find to clean up, unsubscribe from, or delete altogether.

Thanks for the Memories

Yep, your photo memories are still being stored in that online app that you used to make grandma’s Christmas present.  You might not need them, but would you be happy if your innocent family photo became a meme if it were hacked?

Survey Says – You’re Hacked!

Stop taking online quizzes.  You are just handing over personal information that can be used to compromise your credentials – or even worse is when you post it online for everyone to see the answers.

Outdated Hardware

Do not just throw your old laptop out with the trash.  Even if you wipe it clean, there is data on there.  Pay the fee to have it professionally wiped, or purchase software & hardware that can do the job for all of your discarded goods. You could also consider physically damaging the hard drive beyond the point of repair.

That USB drive sitting in your drawer? It has data on it.  It might be old, but it’s data, nonetheless.

Electronics and online resources are important and valuable when it comes to making our lives easier.  Just be aware that just because it loses its luster to you and is cast aside, it is still just as valuable to cybercriminals as the day you created or bought it.

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