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Time Warner lags behind (what a surprise…not)

A man frustrated with his laptop due to slow internet speeds.
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There are so many things wrong with this. Time Warner needs to quit acting like BP and actually spend their money advancing their hardware and coming into the year 2011 for once. It’s sad enough that North Carolina has some of the slowest internet in the country. We are always last to receive many kinds of upgrades pertaining to internet access.

An Interesting Observation about Charter

On a side note, I had a Charter Communications (ew) contractor walking around my neighborhood lately so I decided to stop and talk to him to see what he was doing. Going door to door trying to win back customers. The interesting thing I found about him were the packages for internet he was offering. They offer up to 60MB download/30MB upload for $100/month NOW. BUT only to those who have fiber in their area. So it seems Charter is ahead of Time Warner in fiber. Currently we were allowed to receive 25MB download/5MB upload @ $60~/month. Which is better than the connection we currently have but is still pretty piss poor compared to everyone else.

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