What separates us from the rest?

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A common question I have had people ask me is “What separates IPM Computers from your competition?”

If you are a business owner chances are you own a server, or you eventually will need to own a server of some kind. You know everything there is to know about owning and running your own business except the perfect computer system you and your employees need to run your company in a cost effective manner and that is where the expertise of IPM Computers becomes important. We will interview you and your employees to learn your needs for computer equipment. We will then call the necessary vendors and get quotes for everything that is needed to complete the job. Once the owner of the company accepts the deal we will then make all the purchases and arrangements to get the equipment in. Once the equipment arrives we will complete the install 100%. We do everything up to acceptation of the quote completely 100% free.

We also offer competitive contractual arrangements to make sure your company stays ahead of the curve of your competition, and so that you have no down time ever! Part of those agreements is that we will notify you if hardware is about to become out of date, or completely die. We try to give you news and information on what Microsoft is going to do in the future with their software and support. We try to be the complete umbrella of I.T. for your company.

For our residential clients, we offer the best hardware on the market. We stay on top of all the latest and greatest of what is out on the market to be able to solve any solution you present to us! When we build custom computers for you, we research every part we use in every single computer we build. One thing we refuse to do is cheap out on a computer. We know there are $300-400 computers out there you can buy at Walmart, but we also know that all of our computers are in a league of performance and reliability far beyond anything your local box store can sell you, so simply put, we are the best and we provide only the best hardware.

Another thing we try to do for all our clients is be reasonable. We will not charge you $300+ in labor to remove a virus. When we are approached by a client to remove a virus, we respond to the situation in a manner where we will present you with two choices. 1) Pay our hourly rate, or 2) Let us keep the computer for 24 hours and reinstall the operating system (Windows). If we think the time will take longer than 1 to 2 hours on site to do the job, we will encourage you to let us reinstall the operating system. We try not to ever charge more than $160 total for virus removal.

We Go Above And Beyond to Ensure the Best Experience Possible

In every situation we try to go above and beyond our competition to make sure you the client will have the best experience possible! We have experience in every single aspect of the information technology industry, so if you ever have a question, please call us at 910-815-0900.