Why buy custom computers instead of pre-boxed in store brands?

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Everyone asks me “Well I can get a computer from xxxxx for $500, why can’t you build one as cheap as them?”
Well, to answer your question, it’s not because I don’t want to build cheap affordable computers, but simply put, quality does not come cheaply and I prefer quality over quantity. They do not go the extra mile to pick up your old computer, customize it to be exactly what you need it to be, then deliver and install it in your house, including any software and moved data that you need.

Cheap computers come with cheap parts that lack the quality testing, and the better materials it takes to make a good part.

When you buy a custom build computer you:

– Support local businesses by 1) The builder/shop and 2) the supplier that buys the parts locally
– Get a personal approach with technical support and installation of your new computer
– Get a quality computer with no bloatware 30 day trial software and other random junk.
– Get a fine tuned computer that can be tuned purely for your exact needs and desires.
– All software updates are already performed on the computer before its installed in your home (At no extra charge).

Other ways the store bought computers cut corners to get that cheaper computer to you is misleading advertising.

Important variables such as hard drive speed, cache size, and bus speeds are usually not mentioned in the computers specs or advertisements and generally are the slowest speeds possible.

You can have a 3.2GHz processor with a 1MB cache, that almost operates as fast as our custom built machines 2.4GHz with a 4MB cache. Which means your store bought computer will run slower, use more power, and run hotter than our custom built computer.

Also ask yourself, do you really need 500GB (or 1TB) of hard drive space? Do you store millions of photos or hundreds of videos or 100,000 mp3’s on your computer? If not, then why get a standard slow rotational hard drive with all that space you’ll never use when you can get a BLAZING fast solid state hard drive that is literally 800% faster in speed over the older style hard drives?!

The power supplies that come with these store bought computers are made to just barely handle exactly what came with those computers. The computers we build come with all sorts of upgrade options that increase the longevity of your computer, so they also come with power supplies that can handle anything you throw at it, and power supplies that last!

Pre-boxed computers come with a lot of proprietary parts that can only be ordered directly thru that manufacturer. Custom built computers come with parts set by a specific standard that can be replaced by just about anyone.

The license of windows that comes with these custom built computers is an OEM version which can be transferred to any other custom built computer. A store bought computer comes with a license that is only valid for that computer ONLY.

The only downside to custom built computers is the average of 5 business days wait time, and the cost, so the benefits far outweigh the downsides!

Educate yourself! Call us! Even if you choose not to buy a computer from us, we are more than willing to help you with advice in purchasing your next computer!