A Quick Glance Back – the Year in Cybersecurity

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Nothing Random in this Ransom

The end of the year always gives one reason to reflect back and review the past 12 months in a variety of ways. When we take a look at the year in cybersecurity, we can say with certainty, that there was nothing random about the pattern of attacks on businesses.  Healthcare, government, and school districts took a lot of direct hits and were increasingly on the list of hacked businesses – but that doesn’t mean other industries were out of the woods.

Some of those actually paid the ransomware, and some did not.  But they all learned a valuable lesson; you can never be too prepared when it comes to cybersecurity.  And those verticals are (or were) known for being a bit lax when it came to having the latest in technology, headcount to support a cyber defense program, or a solid plan for employee behavior when it came to monitoring and training them on best practices.

Common Factor

Regardless of paying out to restore services or not, they all shared in one common result.  Frustration.  This came at the expense of clients, citizens, employees, and more.  Financially there were monies lost when it came to ransom or having to hire experts at emergency rates to restore the services that were critical to keeping people safe, and in some cases, alive.

While these verticals, sometimes identified as the low hanging fruit to hackers, are becoming increasingly aware of the target on their back, they need to be proactive, but proactive cybersecurity should be on EVERY businesses radar, regardless of industry. We all need to include a cybersecurity plan in our business goals for 2020.  It is no longer a “we’ll get to that eventually” list item, but a necessity.

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