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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity among everyday consumers like so many technologies, through social media. Just take a quick look in your newsfeed and you’re likely to see your friends in otherworldly scenarios they’ve created with Magic Avatars from Lensa.

With over 4 million downloads in the first part of December, it’s clearly a hit. But is it safe? With any app, you should read the privacy policy and terms of use before downloading, especially when it involves your biometric data. But users should be aware, the risks don’t stop there. Additional information is likely being captured, as it might be with any app or program. This might include location and device information among other things.

Many Sides of AI

AI is more than avatars. There can be benefits that originate in medicine, decision-making, research, and a whole range of other topics. Removing the risk of human error in cybersecurity sounds great right? And it allows for 24/7 availability of machines working when we can’t be there. But this also means unemployment, a lack of emotion, out-of-the-box thinking, and more disadvantages when it comes to the rise in the use of AI.

The greatest concern that we have with AI is the risk it poses to duping people. The most dangerous option is if it were to be created with criminal intent. Cybercrime with AI can include fraudulent imagery, videos, and voice messaging. If your superior sends an email with directions to wire money, you might stop and evaluate for phishing. If he or she follows up with a voicemail or video message with the same instructions, you might be less hesitant to act on the directive.

Avatars Aside

The creation of avatars is just one side of AI. While there are multiple risks to consider regarding AI, there are some that aren’t obvious if you’re only focused on the cybersecurity aspect of it. For example, what is the threat to artists and creators regarding the origination of AI art? Not just for static images, but also with regard to actors and individuals who create commercial content. Will there come a day when there’s no need to hire actors for movies, we can simply create the person we need to fit the role. Or do we license the image and likeness of celebrities to use in projects, without them ever setting foot on a set?

Is there cause for concern regarding any of our own images being online? This article discusses that very issue. We’re beyond the days when photoshop was the only concern for such a cautionary tale.

Offset the Risk

Remind your colleagues and clients that AI is a threat to their cybersecurity. Provide ongoing training to offset the risk that it presents. And as simple as it seems, we should remember to verify everything before taking action. Especially if the request will have implications on the welfare of a person or the business. If you or your business would like to learn more about how to mitigate the threat of cybercrime, Breach Secure Now can help.

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