Last Minute Scams

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Quick! Get to the store for that forgotten gift…order online and pay for overnight shipping…whatever it takes to get the gift in hand for the holiday ahead! We know the holidays are coming, but inevitably we are scrambling to get some things done at the last minute. And where there’s an opportunity, there’s a scam.

As we scramble, scammers are on the prowl to find us. We’re in a rush, preoccupied with a dozen things on our minds and our guard is down. The perfect target to take advantage of. We’ve discussed the holiday scams that are prevalent, but this increases as the date of gatherings and celebrations draw near.

Keep your guard up, your wits about you, and don’t click take that call without caution.

Stay Focused

The next week or so may include gatherings where you need a gift for someone you didn’t expect to see. Budget and logic can go out of the window when you’re in need of something quickly. Try as best you can to make your purchase with a clear head.

Personal & Business Life

The last-minute scramble isn’t exclusive to gift-giving. It’s prevalent in business too. As you hurry to wrap up your work to get your vacation started, stay focused. Perhaps you’re working from home more during the holidays. With family and friends in the house, distractions can be high. Don’t respond too quickly to an email without using the SLAM method to verify its legitimacy. If you’re escaping the chaos at home, be sure to keep your equipment safe and secure at the coffee shop where you’re working. Don’t leave your laptop and be wary of public wifi.

November and December are months when scams have historically increased. Do not become part of that statistic. Keep your gift giving to your loved ones and not cyber criminals. Breach Secure Now is here to help, and we wish everyone a happy and secure holiday!

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