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Cyber Security

Not Much to Smile About

SmileDirectClub (SDC) is a business that offers teledentistry services throughout the world.  They produce and sell tran...

Cyber Security

Updating Software

It’s that little alert on your desktop.  The “upgrades available” indicator when you check your computer.  Or when your ...

Cyber Security

Normalizing Breaches

In August of 2019, Facebook was the victim of a data breach that compromised information from 533 million people from 10...

Cyber Security

Feature Deep Dive: Federated Login

Learn everything you need to know about increasing the login security of your customer accounts. The post Feature Deep ...

Cyber Security

Cryptocurrency 101

Cryptocurrency is a term that we hear all of the time, but many of us don’t seem to fully grasp what it is, and how it w...

Cyber Security

Mobile Threat

Verizon recently released their 2021 Mobile Security Index report, and in it they summarize their research findings by l...

Cyber Security

Check Yourself

At this time of year, we all risk resembling Charlie Brown waiting on his Valentine in the mailbox.  Has my check arrive...

Cyber Security

Human Aspect of Security

It can be so frustrating to try to convince people that we “know better” than they do.  Especially when it comes to heal...

Cyber Security

The Hacker Got Hacked

WeLeakInfo was a data breach site that offered paid subscriptions to users who could then access their searchable databa...

Cyber Security

A Sigh of Cyber Relief

The passing of the recent COVID-19 relief Bill this week includes funding that will be set aside to address cybersecurit...