Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment – General Knowledge

Breaking Down the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment: General Cybersecurity Knowledge
Cyber Security Updates

Cybersecurity Assessment Overview

Our recent launch of the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment provides MSPs with a new tool to add to their prospecting and baseline risk detection efforts.  As an MSP it gives you the opportunity to show prospects and clients that human security plays a key role in protecting their organization and that without proper ongoing training, employees are an easy entry point for cybercriminals.

While a security risk assessment will identify any gaps in a business environment, the human element should never be overlooked or assumed to be foolproof.  Ongoing training is critical, but this assessment provides a deeper dive into which part of that human factor needs to be strengthened. The Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment is delivered via a URL and is made up of a series of questions across six different cybersecurity categories.

This week we’re focusing on the General Cybersecurity Knowledge component of the assessment. 

In this section of the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment, the questions focus on the broad world of cybercrime and how it fits into the business environment.  Most people see the news headlines of “Data Breach!” “Stolen Identity!” or “Ransomware Affects Oil Prices” but do they know what that means? Stories fly around social media and can take on a sort of folklore tone as they are repeated, with people sometimes not sure of what is true and accurate.

Here we look at the user’s knowledge of how cybercriminals work, where do they store and obtain their information and how do they get paid?  The focus isn’t on one type of attack or methodology of cybercrime, but on the overall information and terms.  It also emphasizes that the responsibility of cybersecurity falls on them as individuals as well as the business that they work for and the IT team. The questions will also address assumptions that many people make about cybercrime, like what happens with stolen data and do criminals tend to work in groups? Or as individuals hidden away in dark and windowless rooms as we see portrayed on television and in movies?  Here we want to see what exactly the perception of cybercrime is from the individual so that as an MSP, you can understand where the organization’s employees feel the risks are truly coming from.

How To Use the Results

After each employee completes their assessment, the results are recorded along with the overall time taken to complete the assessment. Client management is then given a report that provides the average score across all employees who completed the assessment, as well as their individual scores. The report then breaks down each of the six categories to show management where their employees are struggling the most. This new tool changes the way MSPs can show their prospects and clients their human security risks at baseline, helping to highlight the critical need for an ongoing security awareness training program to reduce those risks. This report is a great tool for showing prospect and client stakeholders where there are human security risks within the organization and helps start the conversation around how your ongoing security awareness training program can help remediate those risks.

We’re excited to add the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment to our platform as another way for MSPs to expand and grow their businesses. This tool is now available for Breach Secure Now partners! If you’re a current partner and have questions on how to access this tool, or if you’re interested in learning more about how you can get your hands on this game-changer, you can contact us today! And it is INCLUDED with a Breach Secure Now partner subscription.

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