Introducing the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment

Introducing the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment Banner
Cyber Security Updates
Is it good or bad news to know that ransomware and phishing are no longer terms that need further explaining to most people?   Yes, it is favorable when you’re trying to explain how important a cybersecurity plan is for your clients to have – you don’t necessarily need to start at the beginning when it comes to identifying the risk factors.  But having a “place to start” is sometimes comforting to people when they are venturing into the unknown, and while a security risk assessment is critical to a business and an invaluable tool to you as an MSP, sometimes management has a hard time accepting that their team may be part of the risk landscape. These employees are the individuals who are on their team when it comes to the success of the business.  It is easier and more likely to them that threats reside outside of the business and not internally.  However, as someone in the technology sector, you’re aware that the human factor is where much of the risk resides in cybersecurity.

We know that it can be an uphill battle convincing organizations to invest in a security awareness training program. Especially when they can’t see there is a risk to their business to begin with. Sure, dark web scans can show organizations that their employees’ credentials are available on the dark web, but what if no results show up? What if they still just don’t see the connection to how dangerous that can be for their organization? Phishing simulations are also a great way to show organizations that their employees can be the root cause of a breach or security incident, but when prospecting, it can be extremely difficult to get around the whitelisting protocols to do that. We knew that MSPs needed a new way to SHOW prospects and clients that human security risks are present in their organization…

Introducing: The Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment

With that in mind, Breach Secure Now has created our brand-new tool, the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment. Now, you can provide prospects and clients with a starting point to show them where their team members currently stand when it comes to their cybersecurity knowledge. This assessment is delivered via a unique URL to employees, where they’ll answer a series of questions across six different categories to gauge their current cybersecurity awareness posture. Those categories include:

  • General Cybersecurity Knowledge
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Password Hygiene
  • Handling PII
  • Social Media
  • Working Remotely

After employees complete their assessment, their results are recorded along with the overall time taken to complete the assessment. Client management is then given a report that provides the average score across all employees who completed the assessment, as well as their individual scores. The report even breaks down each of the six categories to show management where their employees are struggling the most. This new tool changes the way MSPs can show their prospects and clients their human security risks at baseline, helping to highlight the critical need for an ongoing security awareness training program to reduce those risks.

Additional Prospecting Tools

Using the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment in conjunction with our additional available prospecting tools can help provide a more thorough and detailed way to show a business just how you can identify and mitigate the risk factors that are present in their business.

And it is INCLUDED with a Breach Secure Now partner subscription!

We’re excited to add the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment to our platform as another way for MSPs to expand and grow their businesses. This tool is now available for Breach Secure Now partners! If you’re a current partner and have questions on how to access this tool, or if you’re interested in learning more about how you can get your hands on this game-changer, you can contact us today!

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