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Do Your Healthcare Clients Need an Annual Checkup?

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Do Your Healthcare Clients Need an Annual Check-Up?

As a Managed Service Provider, you’re in the business of keeping other businesses running.  Which vertical they are in, or what products and services they provide may not be the most pressing detail.

Unless you’re talking about healthcare.  There are two common views when it comes to supporting clients in the healthcare industry and those are: support their network and leave HIPAA out of it, or to avoid taking on those clients altogether because of the complexity of HIPAA. If you’re an MSP helping clients handle the ins and outs of HIPAA, we commend you!

We want you to know, we’re here to help.  

First let’s focus on the Security Risk Assessment or as it is sometimes referred to, Security Risk Analysis.  Did you know that your current healthcare clients are required to conduct this regularly for HIPAA?  Don’t leave an opportunity on the table with them to make this part of your offering and create an even more solidified or sticky relationship as their MSP.   It’s also an opportunity to approach potential clients with a solution that will address their needs as a medical business, or covered entity, as they are referred to within HIPAA guidelines.  Additionally, an SRA shows your clients their security gaps in terms of administrative, technical, and physical safeguards, all of which you can help remediate!

So how does the SRA fit into all of this? Look at it as the common ground for all your clients, and a conversation starter that you can use for new clients.  You already know why it is important to any business. As their technology vendor, it provides you with insight into the security gaps in a client’s network and organization, and equally, opportunity on how you can mitigate the risks that those gaps present.  In the same way, the SRA is the key to opening the door to future client relationships.

But I’m Not a Doctor

HIPAA can seem confusing, but as a Breach Secure Now partner, you have experts on your team!  Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance are far more intertwined than you – or even your clients -may realize.  The threat landscape that exists in business today can be systematically addressed with our compliance, training, and comprehensive security programs.  Specifically, the HIPAA Breach Prevention Platform takes the cybersecurity offering you’re familiar with and expands upon it to address the needs of businesses in healthcare.

Regardless of your HIPAA knowledge, you do know how important an SRA is to any business and should be a part of their process to combat cybercrime and meet compliance requirements.  Use this invaluable tool to maintain the health of their business, and we’ll be right there helping you.

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