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IPM RMS changes for 2014!

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We have been serving IPM RMS to our clients since the beginning of 2013. Typically we charge a discounted in-store hourly rate to those we had to do remote work for. For 2014, we are improving this package by including any and all work that can be remotely done as part of your monthly fee for IPM RMS! Below is all the current info on IPM RMS.

Frequently Asked Questions About IPM RMS

question-markQ. What is IPM RMS?

A. For years we have been waiting for the internet and computer systems to get to a point to where our clients no longer have to deal with the mundane issues of calling and making appointments and waiting for a technician suddenly when a problem arises.

IPM RMS is a program we install in your system that allows us to be pro active to keep you up and running with as little problems as possible. Our goal is to be there when you call and to know about the problem before you do.

virusQ. What does it do for me? How can it help protect me better?

A. Are you tired for paying for anti virus that you’re never really sure is working? Are you tired of dealing with the situation when an anti virus asks you whether you want to quarantine, delete, or ignore a possible infection? Are you tired of never knowing what is the best anti virus to use to protect yourself? We take care of that for you. Our RMS system comes with anti virus. The rules are built under our umbrella of experiences of the collection of our clients put under one roof. This anti virus will inform us of any infections including spyware and root kits, an ability that you will not find in Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, or any other SOHO anti virus on the market. If our anti virus cannot solve the issue by itself it will alert us allowing us to be proactive so that we can manually remove it remotely. This is a corporate level anti virus priced and packaged to be able to use in your home or business.

Remote-IT-SupportQ. So can you remotely control my computer?

A. Yes we can and we log every connection to our clients machines. Our remote capabilities enables us to passively control the programs and services running on your computers in a manner that does not interfere with the user as well as view the desktop and use the mouse as if we were sitting at the computer. Our RMS also gives us the ability to see every technical aspect of your computer to help solve issues. We also give you the ability to log into your computers remotely from anywhere in the world.

windows shieldQ. I’m so sick of doing those updates every week. Adobe this Microsoft that. Do you take care of those too?

A. Yes we do! Our RMS system is also under an umbrella set of rules similar to what you would find in major corporation windows update systems except our system goes several steps further to include updates to many major programs such as adobe reader, flash, Java, Firefox, Chrome, and many more. We also try to stay on top of the updates that do more harm than good to make sure that those updates are never seen on your systems.

techsupportQ. What else can your system do for me?

A. We have the ability to provide cloud backup solutions similar to Carbonite or Mozy. We also have the ability to monitor whatever backup solution you choose to use in your systems to let you know whether or not your system is currently backing up your files properly.

reportsQ. Will I receive reports to know what is going on?

A. Yes. You can receive either weekly or monthly automated reports detailing on what issues came up and when they were taken care of.  We can tailor these to what you prefer to see and not see.


Q. What are the hours of operation for IPM RMS?

A. IPM RMS phone hours of operation are between 9am-6pm M-F for residential users. Business users have the option of 24/7 coverage. Call for details.

IPM RMS will be checked twice over the weekend for business users, and emergencies will be dealt with appropriately.

dollar-questionQ. How much does it cost?

A. No minimums, no contracts to sign, and discounts available for businesses with >5 computers.
1 hour install fee for every 10 RMS clients.
$25/month – per desktop.
$50/month – per server.
All of our RMS clients get on-site discounts off our hourly rates.

smileyQ. Are there any extra costs involved if you have to fix my PC?

A. If we can fix it remotely and over the phone, it is covered under your monthly bill. The only time we charge more is if we have to physically go on site to fix the issue.
If you are outside our service area, we will act as an liaison between you and a computer tech in your area that we will find to do the work needed in effort to make sure the job gets done right the first time.
Our RMS clients get $10/hr off our regular in store and on site rates too!