Keep the Awareness & Momentum Going Year-Round!

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Cyber Security Updates

When the national campaign for cybersecurity awareness ends on October 31st, the need for diligence doesn’t go away with it.  Since a critical aspect of your job as an MSP is to keep your clients safe and secure, you’ll inevitably benefit from keeping the momentum going!  Keep your clients aware of the risks and threats that cybercrime poses to their business, and subsequently you’ll have an opportunity to promote what your business can do to help mitigate these risks.

How Do You Drive Engagement?

Marketing is always important and at the same time overlooked.  You’re running a business and you have existing clients with emergency issues that need to be addressed.  Keeping their business running often takes precedence over growing yours. But don’t overlook the opportunity that Cybersecurity Awareness Month brings you to gather new leads and keep the momentum going throughout the year! Sharing insight and cybersecurity tips in October is a great jumping-off point, but where do you go from there? With Breach Secure Now’s always growing library, included in your Partner subscription, you can ‘lighten your load’ and let us do the work for you! We have email and call campaigns, social media assets, infographics, marketing toolkits – and that’s not all!  If you’re already a Partner and aren’t sure how to access or utilize these resources, let us know, we’re here to help.

Looking for more ideas on how you can continue to engage your audience, gather more leads, and close more business? Check out our recent webinar with Nick Points, CharTec Academy’s Director of Sales, where we discussed how to use Cybersecurity Awareness Month to bring sales and marketing together beyond just October!

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