Five Takeaways from Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Five Takeaways from Cybersecurity Awareness Month Banner - featuring a group of people high-fiving
Cyber Security Updates
Five Takeaways from Cybersecurity Awareness Month Banner - featuring a group of people high-fiving

Who’s Ready to Go?

As Cyber Security Awareness Month comes to an end this week, don’t let the momentum you’ve created dwindle or diminish.  Take the foundation of awareness that you’ve been establishing with your existing and new clients and keep on building!

Are you feeling unsure about how to keep it going, or uncertain about what you can do to grow awareness?  We’ve got five topics for you to keep the ball rolling…and rolling.

  1. Phishing – This is one of the easiest ways for scammers to access a network.  One email can hit many users at once, and it only takes one person making a mistake to take down an entire business.  Routine simulated phishing campaigns are a great way to ensure your clients are staying alert for phishing emails. Catch Phish, our Outlook in-email training plug-in, is another invaluable resource to educate your clients on phishing, offering an engaging and educational way to verify the validity of emails and learn more about identified suspicious components.
  2. Dark Web Dangers – This term is often thrown around but not often understood.  Explain to your clients how files are created over time and from various breaches with their personal information.  These little bits of data add up to a large resource file that can be used as a methodical cyberattack on them. Expressing the need for Dark Web Monitoring is also important so that your clients understand how often data is published on the dark web and the risks of not being notified when their employees’ credentials are identified there.
  3. Social Media Security – That social media poll asking what your favorite food is?  That’s collecting data on you and answers to your security questions.  Things like this that are obvious to those of us in IT, are not so obvious to the everyday user. And fake accounts make interaction with cybercriminals much harder to identify. Spreading awareness around social media security and how cybercriminals use social media to learn more about their victims will help prevent oversharing that could lead to a breach.
  4. Ongoing Training – Encourage your clients to participate in the ongoing training program you’re providing to them as a Breach Secure Now partner. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, new threats are emerging, and best practices are changing. Ongoing training will help keep employees in the know about current scams, keep security top of mind, and provide reassurance to the organization that strong cybersecurity practices are being maintained. Make it a teambuilding option with competition for the highest Employee Secure Score to drive employee engagement and promote participation.  Ongoing training is one of the most effective ways your clients can strengthen their cybersecurity defense.
  5. Breach Costs – One of the most impactful ways to show your clients and prospects just how hard a breach can hit them, is to show them the financial cost.  Using our Breach Cost Calculator, you can do just that. Partners also have access to a branded landing page of the Breach Cost Calculator – great for email and social media campaigns!

And if focusing on those five tips still leaves you wanting more, we’ve got an entire content calendar inside our “Success Guide to Marketing, Selling, and Managing the Human Side of Security” that you’ll love!  Cybercrime won’t stop on October 31st, and neither should you when it comes to promoting awareness.

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