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Learn to Audit Your Website – On-Demand

Learn to Audit Your Website – On-Demand Banner
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How to Get Found 

We know that running a business is more than ensuring that you have the right products to resell.  It’s more than having the right people in place to sell, deploy and support those products.  It is about having all of those pieces in place and then having the right people and clients find you.  Ideally, you are a smooth-running machine with all of these components in place, and the best relationships supporting them.  

Getting all eyes on your business is not easy.  You can hope for referrals and the perfect situation to occur – that you are right there when the client is looking.  But in reality, the landscape that we live in today is much different than having a telephone book to go to for guidance in order to meet our needs.  We have online groups, social, advertising, and forums that are created for such introductions, but many of those require you to open your wallet. How can you get discovered without you digging deep in your pocket? You have to be found organically.  

So, how do you even start with that? 

You can’t make a second first impression.  And generally, your website is the first impression that a client (or future client) has of you.  Taking the time to set it up to give it the look and feel that you want is critical.  Hire someone if you don’t know what that is exactly, and then use someone who is a professional to create the website so that the correct structure is in place – that means pages, word count, SEO, meta descriptions, image size, and a whole range of things that you need to consider.   

Like cybersecurity, this type of knowledge is ever-changing and a field that is always growing in information and the tactics that you can use.  

We discuss all of this in more detail as well as additional tips and tricks on how to optimize your website and online presence in our webinar, Learn How YOU Can Conduct Your Own Website Audit.” Curtis Hays, the founder of collideascope, voted the best SEO agency of 2019 by DesignRush, shows you simple steps you can take that will make a HUGE impact on your discoverability. It was one of our most well attended and well-received webinars, so we encourage you to watch the replay on demand.    

Breach Secure Now! knows that running a business is a 24/7 job in itself, and this webinar is one of the many ways we want to support your success.  If you have an idea or suggestion on information that you’d like to dive deeper into, let us know! 

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