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MSP Guide to Remote Security

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Cyber Security Updates

A New Normal

Working from home has become a new normal for you, your customers, and communities across the country, with dining room tables and shared spaces becoming the offices where we conduct business of all kinds.  While this structure has many benefits to productivity and employee satisfaction when done correctly, the fact that most people were thrust into it without enough time to prepare, makes for possible security gaps in the way your customers are conducting their day-to-day business, many out of your control.

The Concerns

Right now, the amount of non-technical people learning to use new software programs, using personal hardware or hardware that isn’t up to date with security patches, and surrounded by distractions potentially act as a gold mine for cybercrime.   This matters not only to the security of your customers’ business but also to the security of their customers and clients who are at risk of being exposed in a breach.

Now imagine this scenario is happening across all your customers. Hundreds of endpoints distracted and unaware of these potential threats, all it takes is a convincing scam, a COVID 19 lure, or one wrong click to make an already difficult time, unbearable. Could your customer survive ransomware, a data breach, or losing customer trust right now? Can you?

As a Managed Service Provider, while your technology stack is robust, your endpoints aren’t robots, they’re human. And they make mistakes. All the time, just like you and I. But your customers look to you to protect them from the threats they can’t see, and you are up against challenges none of us has seen before.

Immediate Attention

You need assistance in addressing all of these issues and concerns, and you need them fast.  You don’t have time to sit down and plan a long-term resolution with your customers or go over how to roll this out over time. While an ongoing security awareness program is the key to long-lasting protection and growth, right now their employees need clear cut and succinct directions on what they should and should not be doing – and WHY. The risk factors are increasing and so must their attention to safe practices.

Solving the Problem

Our MSP Guide to Remote Employee Security provides you with guidance and resources to walk you through educating your community on working remotely, securely, at no cost to you, or them.  Provide end-users with visual content that provides information regarding current scams, cybersecurity risks, best practices, and important policies that can be applied to themselves and their loved ones.

Through this free resource, you’ll be given the tools you need to create a branded resource packed full of videos, checklists, infographics, and more that you can offer to your customers and your community. Promote these resources through done-for-you ads and a branded landing page, and follow-up email templates to spark meaningful conversations. Couple these resources with ongoing training and our partner marketing resources and you are able to provide a solid foundation that gives your clients a fair shot at surviving the unexpected risks of a remote workforce.

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