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Navigating Uncertain Times – Tips from Experienced CEOs

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Small Business, Big Problems

There is a multitude of problems that small businesses are facing today. Clients are working from home.  This is happening as a matter of force, but also will likely evolve into a matter of choice.  And all of this is happening by them essentially picking up their desks and going home to do the same job that they do in the office that you would normally support them in.  They may be using new software and likely not updating the existing programs.  You have limited entry into these “satellite offices” so you are possibly being overlooked, or worse, ignored.

Don’t stay quiet.  No, we aren’t advocating that you go out with a strong sales pitch to sell more solutions and products, but we are encouraging you to speak up and remind them that you are there!  Build on the existing trust and relationship that you have with these businesses to show them that MSPs and IT staff are helping the economy to stay alive.  Do not miss this opportunity!

Preparation & Collaboration

How can you best serve while surviving?

Remember this: you and your clients are both small businesses. 

And you need support in a variety of ways, especially right now.  One of those methods of support is via the Small Business Association loan program.  However, the status of SBA loans is changing daily.  Here is your chance to (yet again) be their guiding light in uncertain times and territory.  Offer group calls and collaborations to give them guidance on the application process.  Provide structure with a checklist on how to be best prepared for the application process.  The availability of these loans is changing frequently and the best bit of advice you can give them right now is to BE PREPARED.

Additionally, you can give them the added value of discussing how you are surviving.  Discuss the other financial resources that you have tapped into.  When you are in the middle of a crisis, you don’t always think clearly.  Give them the safe space to provide clarity, and also a place to vent, collaborate, and commiserate within.

Make sure you’re in front of them – don’t sell but be there and show value – BE VISIBLE! End-user education and teaching them how to navigate social engineering are critical to these businesses staying alive through the COVID-19 crisis, but you have a new opportunity here with being able to inform them about the SBA process.

Art Gross, CEO of Breach Secure Now, recently spoke with Chris Wiser, Sales and Marketing Expert and CEO of The Wiser Agency, on how you can navigate these uncertain and uncharted times – and the resources that we’ve collaborated on to make you the survival expert!  With information on the loan programs that we know of, support and sales tactics, and general discussion on keeping your own business afloat, this webinar is full of information that you can use to grow (yes, grow!) during this time.

Quick Tips to Stay on Track

  1. Reach out to your clients to see how you can help and add value to their offering. Can you offer them tech assistance? Sales campaigns?
  2. Establish a cash flow – consider different resources like PayPal, government loans, credit card line of credit
  3. Use the resources that you have already – you are likely not fully using what is already available to you
  4. Get online and interact with your clients. Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and a multitude of other platforms are there, and often free.  Build your own community!

The bottom line is to STAY IN TOUCH.  We all are chartering unfamiliar waters right now and learning from the experiences and advice of others is invaluable at a time like this.

Visit our Facebook page, here to listen to the webinar and contact us if you’d like to discuss making your existing partnership work optimally, or reach out if you’d like to hear about signing up with us!

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