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Cyber Security Updates

Small businesses often make the mistake that they have to be cybersecurity experts to have strong security programs in place. Remind them that as their MSP, you can be their expert. The concern is often that learning how to protect their business will be overwhelming. One more thing to do. Or that they need to hire someone internally. So they put it off until they fill that role, or find the right product to enable their team.

It is your job to show them that you’re bringing all of this to the table. With training programs, marketing material, and communication platforms like our Client Newsfeed, you can do this effectively and efficiently. Most small businesses don’t have the headcount in place to take care of marketing let alone IT infrastructure.

Statistically Speaking

In a report from Hiscox, businesses are aware of the threat and are spending the money to offset the threat of a breach. In fact, spending is up 60% from the previous year according to the survey respondents. However, there was a decrease in confidence in their cybersecurity readiness, dropping from 73% to 67%. What does this mean for MSPs? That there is an opportunity there to build confidence as well as grow your business!

Your clients can see their readiness in a visible format with tools like Breach Secure Now‘s ESS dashboard. Team building and accountability are made easily available in this system structure. Tools like Catch Phish provide engagement and learning built within the everyday task of checking email.

Be the Expert

Assure your clients that the often overwhelming process of keeping their business running means having strong cybersecurity as one more thing to get to. Yes, you are there to fix things that break perhaps. But you’re also there to prevent them from breaking in the first place. You are the expert that they need. If you’re not yet a Breach Secure Now partner, get started today!

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