As a recognized leader in Duplin County, Warsaw Animal Hospital and Dr. Margie Hunter, thrive on their ability to grow with the best technology available to better treat and take care of their clients.  To that end Warsaw Animal Hospital was seeking an IT company to manage their systems and help them improve and grow with them.


Warsaw Animal Hospital
IT Consultancy, Cloud Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Cyber Security


The challenge is to maintain all systems within the company and ensure that day to day tasks remain uninterrupted due to issues or hardware failures.


IPM Computers implemented our managed software stack into the company, utilizing managed cloud backups that allow us to keep a local backup on an external hard drive as well as back up files to the cloud at the same time. This ensures if the server were to ever fail, we could get back up and running quickly.

We also implemented our managed client across all computers allowing us to keep them completely up to date, as well as protected with enterprise grade anti-virus monitored by our in house technicians. This also gives us the ability to remote into the systems whenever staff call us with an issue.

On top of that we utilized our cloud networking systems giving us the ability to manage every aspect of their networks including their wifi services.


We have worked with Warsaw Animal Hospital for over 5 years now. Our systems have kept them up and running flawlessly and efficiently. Over these years they have not suffered a single major outage yet.

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