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Cyber Security Updates

You are familiar with phishing. You’ve taught your clients and colleagues to be on alert for fraudulent emails. But are you changing your approach to education and training to match the sophistication of cybercriminals and their tactics?

Smart Phishing

Teaching effectively doesn’t necessarily mean endless bits of content and methodologies. It means that each lesson and tool should have an impact on users. People learn differently. Some individuals absorb information visually and others retain information by doing. Breach Secure Now offers training tools that are varied to address the different ways that we all learn.

Let Us Count the Ways

Ongoing training that includes video modules, graphics that provide visual reminders on social media or in print, and integrated phishing tools are all part of our approach. Our phishing platform allows MSPs to provide randomized scenarios to be sent out to a single client. No more “look out for that fake email” being heard over cubicle walls. Taking it even further, we’ve created landing pages that will appear to capture input should a user click on the fraudulent email link. Don’t worry, we aren’t capturing any data other than the fact that they didn’t verify the legitimacy first! That will count against their security score. And it bears repeating, that nothing confidential that they input will be logged – it’s merely the act of clicking that is noted.

We know that people will make mistakes, after all, it’s how we learn! But we would rather their cybersecurity errors be made in training simulations, rather than in real life where the danger is much worse.

What About You?

Aside from having top-notch training to offer your clients, you’re provided with resources as well! We’ve made updated reporting available, and direct mail delivery eliminates inconvenient whitelisting – you can bypass spam filters easily. Above all, having informed and educated clients can mean less threat of a breach. Making your job easier to keep them secure.

If you’re an MSP who would like to learn more about how to train your clients on the dangers of phishing, contact us today. We work for our partners and take feedback to make them into the features that they need!

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