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Every day the world of technology keeps changing. A hot new phone comes out on the market. A new bigger flatter cheaper TV. We are so quick to jump on the hottest latest and greatest gadget. Even to the point to where Apple stores have lines wrapped around the mall. Yet when it comes to maintaining this equipment, we often times completely avoid the idea of keeping them up to date. It’s a love-hate battle between change and keeping cool on the latest items we can buy. Recently, the creators of Wannacrypt cashed in on this manner of thinking our society has long been used to. How did they do that? Well by taking a virus that IT folks have been dealing with for the better part of two years now (CryptoWall, CryptoDefense, CryptoLocker, and so many others) and figuring out a swift new way of delivering it by taking advantage of business owners and every day regular folks who either don’t know how to update their systems, or don’t care to update their systems. They utilized a much older version of the SMB protocol. For those of us who have no idea what SMB protocol is, in simple terms, it is the manner in which computers share files between themselves on a network. These unmanaged systems would get infected, and once one machine within the network got infected, the virus would spread like fire among the rest of the unpatched systems inside the office. Most unmanaged systems also had unmanaged anti virus programs that did nothing to prevent the spread of a virus from one system to the next. Often times the user when faced with the “delete or keep” question would have no idea what to do so they ignore it only perpetuating the problem further. Some companies even had their servers hit which of course were unmanaged and most likely did not have recent backups, or no backups at all. This is where companies such as IPM Computers come into play. For the past decade IT companies such as IPM Computers has morphed from a typical fix/break type business into what we refer to as a Managed Services Provider. A technology company that can proactively keep our clients ahead of the curve, and safe from WannaCrypt, by creating a set standard of rules for our clients and their systems that keep our clients up to date with any new bug fixes or security exploits. Our clients actually had the patch that was released in March before the virus made news head lines in May. For quite a long time in the break-fix era of technology, IT people were forced with chasing viruses down not being fully prepared for the latest threat, however now with our newer methods of being proactive, we are able to monitor your systems with our enterprise grade anti virus which gets newest definition updates hourly, and a complete new upgrade of the software itself as soon as they are released every Friday. Our anti virus was able to prevent these crypto viruses from even being installed when delivered through email/web phishing methods. To top it off, the very few and (extremely) rare times our clients has an issue with a virus we offer remote support through our system that enables us to troubleshoot many issues without interrupting the user on the computer, but if we had to we could take control of the mouse and keyboard to solve whatever issue it has. For those of our clients in the worst case scenario we also offer a cloud backup solution that backs up entire systems to a local drive on the network (NAS or external hard drive) and also backs up to the cloud. So even if one of our users were to become infected and held at ransom with their files encrypted, we could still restore their entire system free of the virus as if the event never occurred.

Can General IT Support in Wallace, NC Help Protect Against Wannacrypt and Other Cybersecurity Threats?

General IT support services in Wallace, NC can be essential in protecting against cybersecurity threats like Wannacrypt. By providing continuous monitoring and addressing vulnerabilities, it support services can help keep businesses secure from potential cyber-attacks.

Stay Protected Against Wannacrypt & Other Malware Today

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