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Reasons to Perform a Security Risk Assessment

Reasons to Perform a Security Risk Assessment with a man holding a magnifying glass and charts.
Cyber Security Updates

Performing a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is one of the things that Managed Service Providers can utilize as a way to solidify their client relationships and grow their business.  Offering it to existing clients is a way of showing your value as well as helping them to strengthen their security posture.  You can engage with potential clients by offering to do an assessment for them.

Additionally, businesses that are in healthcare and fall under HIPAA compliance are required to perform an assessment annually, so it can be used as a tool to strengthen and build those relationships. However, doing so with all of your clients should be a part of your plan regardless of the industry that they work within.

Why You Should Perform an SRA

  1. Client Engagement & Stickiness – your current client engagement strategy may revolve around immediate issues and fixes . This strategy doesn’t t often leave room for other conversation, especially when it comes to showing them risks present in their business before they become a problem.  By performing an SRA on a regular basis, you are giving yourself an opportunity to discuss long term planning and ideas, some of which  are not of an urgent nature.  This gives your customer time to budget and think about the remediation and maintenance that they will need to plan for.  You can build a proactive plan together rather than being responsive to their urgent needs when they are likely in a fearful state.  Establish yourself as their long-term ally in their growth plan.
  2. Ongoing Upgrades & System Changes – Software and hardware upgrades can create security gaps that you didn’t see in the original SRA.  And since they don’t occur on a scheduled basis, you need to review them on an ongoing schedule so that you catch anything that might have developed in between assessments. This is also true for new inventory that your clients will likely add to their business throughout the year that may not have been present on their last assessment.
  3. Policies & Procedures – Performing a Security Risk Assessment is also a powerful tool in discovering administrative gaps in your clients’ organizations. Many compliance standards require strong policies and procedures, and ensuring your clients have these in place and that employees understand these practices and expectations is incredibly important.
  4. Healthcare Clients & HIPAA – one of the requirements of HIPAA compliance is to complete an risk assessment.  If you have a client in this industry,  it’s a great opportunity to work with them to maintain that compliance as well as a strong cybersecurity posture.  Breach Secure Now has the tools that you need to support these healthcare clients, including a thorough HIPAA Security Risk Assessment  which has a 100% audit pass rate with the Office   for Civil Rights (OCR)!

Looking for ways to grow your business?  The SRA is a door opener and a conversation starter for current and prospective clients.  Show them how you can identify risks in their organization as well as remediate those risks with analysis and a plan of action. Our Breach Prevention Platform even includes a Security Risk Assessment for your client at no additional cost!

You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken, and a security risk assessment is a tool that can give insight into identifying administrative, technical, and physical security gaps and formulating an action plan.  And one last suggestion, conduct an analysis of your own business. This gives you an idea of how to best approach clients as well as know-how to efficiently make use of their time and yours.  And while you think you might not have any issues; wouldn’t it be ideal to confirm that you don’t?  Have any questions?  Let us know how we can help!

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